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Guest imported_El Mamerro

I cheat at UNO all the time. Well, all the time I'm playing UNO, that is. I'm not playing UNO all the time.


The point is, I don't have AIDS.

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Originally posted by DEE38@Mar 2 2006, 09:34 AM

on top of that he's gunna receive awsome head and lap dances from her on the daily and get cooked 5 course meals and back rubs and shes gunna clean the house nekkid just for him..? why? because he treats her like a queen and doesnt come on 12oz asking if he should cheat on her and shit!


But I get all that now and I DO come on 12oz askin if I should cheat on her...damn, imagine all the cool shit he's gunna get if he doesn't do that

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I've never cheated. Shit's lame.


My new chick is cool enough that if there is a girl we both like we can take her to bed if she's down.


Cheating is fucked up though, if it's a serious relationship (or has been) shit will fuck her up if you do it. Just break it off (nicely) and move on.

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^WHOOOOOOOOOA! :shook: :yuck:

Wow thats all i have to say wow. Ill think about this everytime i eat a hotdog,wow you have just burned an image into my brain for the rest of my life bro, i dont know wheter or not to like it or fear it.

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