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Alright Alwaysbombin

This is what you do.

talk to your girl... talk to your options

Tell them that if they want you for themselves they need to buy you shit. Whoever gets you the most shit or the best shit Thats who you be with.

Simple mathematics. All you need is a calculator and some reciepts

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Originally posted by AlwaysBombin+Mar 1 2006, 07:48 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (AlwaysBombin - Mar 1 2006, 07:48 PM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-DEE38@Mar 1 2006, 07:46 PM

fool you are young. your gunna end up knockin someone up with your pimp ass.


Let's not joke about this...I forgot to mention, this next month is gunna be kinda nerve wrecking. Here's to hopin she starts bleedin




good luck with that... too young to be in baby daddy drama

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I'm the guy that fucks your girl inside-out and makes her cum with whispers while you're out cheating. Your little five inches of pecker ain't gonna cut it like a hummingbird trying to draw blood from a piece of sheetmetal.



It's good to be the man, but it's even better to be me.

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No doubt, Dumy's got that true casanova swagger. Let's start an e-crew, dood!



Seriously tho.. cheat if you're gonna cheat. Some people would say that there's some serious psychological-babble-bullshit explaination behind it.. and there probably is, but who gives a fuck.


You only live once, so do whatever you can live with.

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Looks like cheating ain't gunna matter too much anymore. My girl got craaaaazy fuckin parents who don't allow her to see me or even leave the house really, so for the last 2 months the only time I see her is when I sneak in at night. Well, I just got a call from her mom freakin the fuck out cuz I guess a neighbor told her she's seen me leave the house a few times in the early morning...so, looks like that's not an option anymore.

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Originally posted by mr.yuck@Mar 2 2006, 06:18 AM

Cheating is fuckin weak. Either be with her or be with all the others. But dont tell her you love her and fuck some other girl behind her back. That shit is for shame.



indeed. i've seen this in action, and it makes me sick. But if i were her, i rather not know, and i rather still not know.. ya feel me niqwuah

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feelin ya there always bombing.

was like that too.


then i relised.

everytime i cheated on a girl.

it would haunt me for fucking agessssss.

mostlikely till the relationship brokedown to sex, then weekley sex.

then catchya.


cheating works in reverce i find.


i cheat on a girl.

and all i can think about is "is she cheating, shes cheating on me!"

own insecurity.


you dont cheat and she probally wont.

chicks aint got cocks.

my cocks the boss when i had too much drink.

and that chickie babe looks fineeee.

thats my "i fucked up" line.


and renmber! Hoes come a dime a dozen!


a real woman?.

dont fuck it up son.

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havign said that the best hting for you to do is to break up with her and go fuc ka bunch of meaningless lowies like you obviously are suited to, its ncier to this girl whos probably a decent bird and doesnt know that youre a deadshit

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hahahaah her mom busted both your asses.


anyway, life goes on homie. go to college, travel the world, make some money, buy hookers and expensive cigars.


most likely your ex-girlfriend is gunna go off to college too and find mr. right (someone who will treat her better) and on top of that he's gunna receive awsome head and lap dances from her on the daily and get cooked 5 course meals and back rubs and shes gunna clean the house nekkid just for him..? why? because he treats her like a queen and doesnt come on 12oz asking if he should cheat on her and shit!


good luck slut.

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