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false start, missed the point... man last year I went through a phase of nothing but green shits, had no clue but then I quit dinking this 'gatorade' they gave us at work, man, not only did the color get right it softened up! No more anti-fantasies about people giving me CPR in the toilet...


Seriously, nothing unhealthy and dietary changes should get you straight...

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Originally posted by mr.yuck@Feb 28 2006, 10:20 PM

Today was the first time in my life i have ever witnessed this horrendousness. Not enough calcium eh? I can fix that.

lol :haha: :haha: :haha: nigga why u scared homie? that happened to me once in a while a go, that shit is normal. hey u trippin homey, yeah like some of the jackz know was da deal u probably need more vitamins and water. Eat more veggies and water!! Eat healthy shit. Stay away from artificial sweetners that shit can kill u! don't drink pop. Nigga go to GNC.COM and learn more. I recomend going to that website and learn more about vitamins and herbs. I recomend Mega Men from GNC and drink water. and try to eat less cheese and dairy. Stay away from milk. Do u know what kind of hormones give them cows before the miking proccess? that shit is bad. Eat rice milk or soy nigga do ur homework/. Peace holla back if you need more advise.

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