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How Young Is Too Young?


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I never went for really young women, like it was fun to talk but I couldn't see myself pulling a boarder line stat rape case or really even spening the time in the first place. Than my friend who has kids got himself a hot 18 year old baby sitter and I am scheming...the best part is I know her older sister but they hate each other so I play them agaisnt each other. I'm not dirty, but google '18 year old baby sitter' and you'll see I'm not alone on this impulse...

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Originally posted by harvey wallbanger@Mar 1 2006, 08:22 AM

I'm not calling anyone else a scumbag, I'm saying that I would be one if, at my age, I had sex with a teenager.



Like I said, there's a lot of different types of maturity.


You gotta realize that this whole phenominon of "it's wrong to fuck a teenager and you're a scumbag if you do" is relatively new and stems from a law that is also relatively new. Basically you're brainwashed into beleiving that it's wrong even though it's normal human nature, just because someone with political power was tired of his daughter slutting around and wanted someone other than his daughter to be punished for it. So a law was passed and now all of a sudden it's "bad" to want to fuck a 17 year old slut. Before it was illegal it was normal common practice. And for the most part still is--> wheather people want to admit it or not.

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When our grandparents were young it wasn't out of the ordinary for a 21 year old dude to marry a 14 year old girl.

And nobody considered the guy to be a pervert.


These days he could be locked the fuck up and labled a "sexual predator" and never be able to get a decent job or meet a wife that would be willing to start a family with him. Imagine if that happened to your grandfather.

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Thanks for your concern, but I haven't been "brainwashed". My personal values aren't dictated by law, which is why I have no problem painting graffiti in most places.


The reason I wouldn't have sex with a girl a decade younger than me is that I am mature enough to know that it wouldn't mean the same thing to her that it did to me. I also have enough experience with the real world to know that even if she thought it was cool now, she may well change her mind when she gets a little older and gains some perspective.


But I don't really expect you to understand this, so hey, go fuck whoever you want. How mentally/emotionally fragile could a teenage girl be, anyway?

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i didnt read much of this thread, but it seems like niggas on 12oz are scared about fucking underage girls. IF the girl likes you and your not going to rape her, then there is no problem. Younger girls got that innocent look, which is dope.


i mean as long as your not on no weirdo pedophile shit who cares what age the girl is as long as the girl is down.


*you gotta bone em before the bones develope*

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A few years ago I had a girl who was 15 leave me to fuck a 19 year old with a baby. I was disgusted by that shit. My personal rule is no more then a 2 year difference, but once you start to get older it doesnt matter much (Not sayin a 25 year old can fuck a 15 year old, sayin that a 30 year old can fuck a 21 year old and who cares)

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