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Help needed finding the Solid Cold reefer.


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I thought it may be a good idea to ask you all about the Solid Cold reefer since you are all located around the continent watching trains.


Ok, I have been looking for the Solid Cold and even to know what happened to them. I already heard from many people that they turned into the Chilled Express but this is not for certain.


1) Have any of you seen one lately? If so, do you have the reporting mark?

2) Do you know where I could find one?


I have been documenting these cars but it is quite hard to get information on them or to even find one. So if you know any info or can help any way it would be appreciated. Thanks

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The last Solid Cold I heard of went to DeSoto shops in Missouri and went offline, late 2003.

Almost all of them were rehabbed into the new Chilled Express ARMNs as you heard.

There may still be a couple of relics out there that escaped both scrapping and refurbishment. There is a precedent for some insulated cars and reefers (including Solid Golds and UP insulated flats) getting too beat down to run food or perishables anymore, but the car is structurally sound and passes inspection, so they use them for hauling bricks, lumber or other "thud" loads until they finally fall apart.

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my fav car of all time. i ALWAYS searched for them to paint but never got a chance. they used to have entire lines of them in this one yard. that was around the time they were getting pulled so imagine painting them would have just been a waste cause the would have probally only ran for about another week or so. best car ever imo

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With very few exceptions, they have been either scrapped or rebuilt. STSX has very few, FGMR was the main holder of solid colds.

I guess what you have to realize is that the fleet of original reefers: upfe, bnfe, fgmrs, all were in such terrible conditions that most companies were beginning to ship by truck, so to regain the customers, they began rebuilding their entire fleet of reefers. They are expensive cars to buy, so buying and rebuilding current fleets of reefers was more cost effective.

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America was hungry for fresh food, and the country’s demand for fresh meats, fruits and vegetables was growing by leaps and bounds. In response, the Southern Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads formed The Pacific Fruit Express Company in 1906.


Ice is king – but not for long


Sometimes as big as a barn, large refrigeration units were developed for commercial use, primarily for breweries, in the 1870s. By 1891, nearly every brewery was equipped with refrigerating machines. Refrigeration units small enough for use in transportation, though, would not be designed until the late 1940s.


In the 1950s, railroads continued to be the transportation mode of choice for fresh fruits and vegetables. But by the ‘60s, aging refrigerated boxcar fleets combined with the completion of the Interstate highway system prompted agricultural producers to shift their time-sensitive shipments to truck.


By the mid-1970s, more and more perishable food was moving by truck. In 1978, Pacific Fruit Express was dissolved and the two companies formed their own perishable transport subsidiaries, Southern Pacific Fruit Express and Union Pacific Fruit Express.


In the mid-1990s, as a result of rising fuel costs, the railroads began seeing a resurgence in perishable food transportation. Once again, rail had become an attractive mode of transportation for perishable food items. And with the revival came a redesign of rail cars to handle larger loads and refrigerated units that became more energy efficient.


Union Pacific worked with eastern railroads to offer customers "seamless" service between the West and East coasts. At the same time, UP began to expand and refurbish its refrigerated boxcar fleet.


New breed of refrigerated boxcar


Since 2003, Union Pacific has purchased 1,500 64-foot cars and will complete an extensive upgrade of more than 2,600 of its 50-foot cars by the end of 2006. Union Pacific handles more than 48,000 shipments of refrigerated and frozen products each year and is the country's largest owner of refrigerated rail cars with more than 5,500 refrigerated cars in the current fleet.


The new boxcars can hold up to 40 percent more product than a conventional refrigerated rail car. A 64-foot rail car carries as much as four over-the-road trailers. The refrigeration units used in both new and refurbished cars are state-of-the-art and energy efficient. They use the latest technology, such as global positioning satellite (GPS) monitoring, not only to track rail cars’ trip progress but also to check temperature, fresh-air exchange and diagnostics. Fresh-air exchange is an important feature for commodities such as onions that require fresh-air circulation. Temperature variance with the new units is as little as plus/minus two degrees.


Refrigerated boxcars also are used to ship frozen commodities, such as french fries, meat, poultry and dairy products.


The rail service that forever changed diets across the United States has evolved over the years to efficiently transport fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meat cross country.


Union Pacific has that perfect network to run a refrigerated rail car fleet carrying fresh and frozen products from the growing areas of Northern California and the Pacific Northwest to points east, returning with meat and poultry products for export through West Coast ports.

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Thanks for the help everyone. krowteN, are you able to get a flick of the one in Atlanta? Can you email it to me please?


Yo Death, that model reefer photo is slick, one of them is a 'Solid Clod'... CLOD! Haha that is the rarest one of them all, and yes there was a reefer that was mis-printed solid clod.


It may interest you that I recently found 100Real Colds. Hardly any graff on them except for Solo Artist. It was fuckin crazy.


Anyone else see any Solid Colds around? Link me up with a reporting mark and number if possible. Thanks again.

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