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Landscape Designers?


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just make up a new symbol... that's the beauty of that particular art form (iconography)... everyone uses what they've got until someone else does it better... maybe you can sweep the industry...


btw, I'm no 'designer' but I know alot about this type stuff, grew up mowing/ raking lawns for cash and then grew a bunch of... plants... actually you should see my Xmas cactus (is what SHE said)... it's coming down to time to refresh all my potted plants but this morning I cut down the Viburnum hedge some (6 week project, in week 3) and put off chopping the Hibiscus... but.. I do yard work every single day., and one of my best friends is a lawn guy (22 years, so he knows his stuff) but I don't think he's ever had to draw anything for his work.


Sometimes we use inverted spraypaint (herbal formula) to spray out lines on someone's lawn to show them what we're planning on doing with the shape of the beds but, other than that it's mostly digging planting and pruning...

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Thats dope Smart, I'm stoked on people that take good care of their property.I try to stay away from yaking about work because I spend so much time out on the job but its basicly all my family has in common. I'm still a young buck in the industry but my ol'mans been at it 15 years. I'm studying Horticulture to speed up my learning process. Its part of ther eason why I'm so gunhoe on the design.I'd like to focus on that.

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word, I love it, it's physical and creative... plus there's the horticulture side which a TON of people ignore. SO many, SO MANY landscapers here just go for creating a look while ignoring the maintenance issues created by say... planting a bouganvilla right next to the front walkway or something...


It's hip to get the knowledge and if you can stand the sun then you could be into a great career... I've waffled on it a few times but I really like to just do it for me nowdays... I don't want to deal with other folks lawns...


BTW, while I do keep it up, both my yards are beginning to look like hell. I mean, from good stuff like pruning and prep work on the beds but hopefully I'll have at least one show piece come May...

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I've been looking into getting my homes soil tested at a place around my way. It will tell you what your lacking and how much fertilizer to lay out. If your looking for a show peice maybe find a lab in your area and get your shit tested.


The know how is what will separate the guys that lost their jobs and are looking to make rent from the guys that are looking to make a reputable name for themselfs.

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