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Taiwan defies China by axing unity body

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Taiwan defies China by axing unity body

By Richard Spencer in Beijing

(Filed: 28/02/2006)


Taiwan's president risked confrontation with Beijing and Washington yesterday by scrapping the body dedicated to reuniting the island with the Chinese mainland.


President Chen Shui-bian's decision to "terminate" the National Reunification Council is certain to outrage Beijing, which regards him as a troublemaker intent on declaring independence.


China claims that Taiwan is an integral part of the nation even though it has been ruled separately since the Communists took power on the mainland in 1949. Beijing says it will invade Taiwan if it declares independence.


Mr Chen also defied Washington, the island's main military guarantor against attack. The Bush administration has sent him repeated warnings not to challenge the status quo, fearing it might be drawn into conflict with Beijing.


The reunification council, which was set up 16 years ago, has played an important role in reassuring Beijing that Taiwan shared its view that there was just "one China".


It was put into place as Taiwan went through an era of growing democracy that eventually saw the Nationalist Party - which lost the Chinese civil war to the Communists but shared their view of Taiwan as part of the same country - cede power to the Mr Chen's Democratic Progressives.


The creation of the council paved the way to the only meaningful dialogue between the two sides in 1993.


But Mr Chen has been looking to snub China since it rejected what he said were overtures towards better relations last year.


"The National Unification Council will cease to function," he said, blaming the "constant military threat" from Beijing.


He denied the move was a step towards independence.


In the build-up to the decision, a spokesman for Beijing's Taiwan affairs office said: "This is a dangerous sign of the escalation of activities by Taiwan separatists."

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here's an article from Vice that seems to fit.




Boomers are so proud of Watergate, they’ve been crowing about it for 30 years. When W. Mark Felt revealed he was Deep Throat in June of this year, boomers couldn’t stop themselves from filling the airwaves with stories about their past glory. Is this just harmless back-patting? Hardly. This media masturbation is threatening our lives. How? Because, while they’re tossing off on the airwaves, today’s real news stories are going unreported.


For instance, did you know that China threatened nuclear war against the United States on July 14 of this year? That’s right, China threatened to destroy “hundreds of cities� with nuclear bombs if we live up to our nation’s commitment to defend Taiwan should China ever invade that sovereign nation.


So you’re saying, “Nuclear fucking war? There has to be a mistake. Some subtle turn of bureaucratic phrase that was misunderstood, right?� Let’s see:


“We will have to respond [to the U.S. defense of Taiwan] with nuclear weapons… The Americans will have to be prepared that hundreds of [their] cities will be destroyed by the Chinese.�

—Chinese General Zhu Chenghu, July 14, 2005


Oh shit. Why didn’t someone tell us? Because that week, the boomer-controlled media was too busy talking about… Watergate. It’s like hearing some drunk old high school football QB tell you about the winning pass he threw in the homecoming game—30 years ago.


So what else did boomer news editors neglect while they were re-re-re-re-reporting Watergate? Oh, only that on July 4, China and Russia unveiled their joint plan for a “New World Order� (they actually called it that) detailing how they’re going to re-shape everything from the world’s economy to the rule of law to individual countries’ military structures. China and Russia haven’t played nice together since Mao’s and Khrushchev’s delegations got into a spitting match (literally) in October of 1959. This is the first time in almost 50 years that China and Russia have formed an economic, strategic, and military alliance—an alliance that, if left unchecked, will reshape the entire character of planet Earth over the next century. Did you hear that? Look away from the story about how 50-year-olds can lower their cholesterol (that’s news?) Did you hear that China and Russia held their first-ever joint military exercises LAST MONTH? You should be shitting your pants about this. Did you see a five-second clip of W. Mark Felt waving from his front door? Only about a thousand times.


One of the boomers’ big slogans, back in the day, was the Timothy Leary bullshit line: “Tune in, turn on, and drop out.� Boomers are now turning an entire generation off of news, at the very moment we need to be tuned in.



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I'm all about China taking over Taiwan.

I think they should just begin constructing an 18 lane highway across the Taiwan strait(sp?) and for every inch of highway constructed thousands upon thousands of tanks advance an inch.



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