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Originally posted by El Mamerro+Feb 28 2006, 12:52 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (El Mamerro - Feb 28 2006, 12:52 PM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-Tesseract@Feb 28 2006, 12:15 PM

Yeah, you might be right about the expressions...all in all this is a crazy project to begin with. The way i see it, it works more in the terms of reenforcing cliches about race rather than the oposite.


This is true. It's really unfortunate cause this will come more out of a need for ratings than the basic idea of it, which I think is interesting and could spark up some dialogue. I read a pretty good article somewhere that talked about how the creators wanted to show that the color of your skin still DOES matter in America, and how that slight little detail could mean a world of a difference in how people treated you. Awesome. But then I read that the family lives together and is constantly coaching each other about how to behave "white" or "black". That's fucking stupid. That totally puts a bigger spin on things, and now the skin tone question won't be answered, just because viewers will want to see dumb arguments and laugh at stereotyping.






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Guest imported_El Mamerro

I'm also wondering... that really is a lot of makeup. That shit has got to smell strange. Won't people they talk to notice they smell like a chemical warehouse?

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I'm sure as part of the process they do something to offset that. Imagine at the end of the day, removing all those layers and layers of makeup, esp. after you've been active, sweating, etc. Imagine how gross that must be. They removed it every night and reaplied it every morning.

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well the two families "coached" each other (to hilarious and racist results) and also they had voice coaches and shit off camera..I'm not sure about the particulars so i'll have to ask my boy, but I do know that before they applied the "white" makeup to the black people they had to cover their skin in some blue latex thing first..so its mad layers of makeup

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excerpt from a salon.com article about the show


The best moment of all comes in the second episode when, after hearing Rose's teen group of black slam poets perform in the house the two families are sharing, Carmen stands up and delivers a rambling soliloquy on how moving and special all of these fine black children are, replete with grand gestures, all stage-whispered in a voice dripping with condescension. The icing on the cake, though, comes when she refers to one of the female poets as "this beautiful black creature" like the girl just crept out of the swamp, a monster whose beauty only Carmen can truly see and appreciate.



The teenagers are all silent and look thoroughly irritated, but Renee Sparks is absolutely livid. She's hated this freakish woman since they were practicing "black lingo" together and Carmen jokingly yelled at her, "Yo, bitch!" thinking that black women insult each other ruthlessly as a form of greeting. What clearly bothered Renee was not that Carmen made a mistake, but that she couldn't manage an apology that wasn't filled with the self-righteous insistence that she hadn't done anything wrong and she didn't intend to offend and that, most of all, it didn't mean anything, all muttered with an indignant, angry strain in her voice. After the kids leave and Renee expresses disbelief at Carmen's absurd display, that same "Screw you, you're paranoid" tone returns. How do you enlighten someone who thinks they know everything already?



so yeah....

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Not only does this show look like it's gonna be the worst show in history.... but thanks to the constant comercials I cant get that fucking anoying horrible song out of my head! :headache:


Fuck you Ice Cube!... the fuck happened to you???

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Originally posted by I.C.Shadow@Feb 28 2006, 07:56 PM




HAHAHA the black kid turned white in that photo looks like a walkover and has no self esteem. But in his black photo he looks like his done a fair bit of destruction in his day.

Is that racist haha.


Also yeh would be funny shit if they white guys started saying NIGGAHHH

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