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Computer security has many facets.  My basic recommendations for a home user are the following:   * Use a good brand of router, do not rely upon what the telco provided you to be secure.

@Tails0nEmaybe try asking here  @Dirty_habiTis pretty good with the ‘puters 

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If that link doesn't work just search support.Lexmark.com for your printer. Doesn't look like they have a win7 driver but the xp64 driver will probably work.


I use devid.info for hard to find drivers....... just gotta copy and paste the hardware id.

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I am about to embark on a serious archive project in, I guess you'd say, a knee jerk reaction to megaupload being taken down. I have made 4.5 TB of physical backup of my files(external hard drives stacked in a closet. No RAID or anything remotely sophisticated) but would like a suggestion of where to store it online at a reasonable cost for the long haul. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in 3 years. Seedbox? Cloud? Burn to DVD? Suggestions?


I have been on this for a while but am now interested in redundancy. - computerilliterateoner

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the applications are different. you'll need cs for mac. not sure about adobe's policy on license transfer, maybe call them and ask if they'll give you a mac version of the product if they can verify that you have a valid license of the pc version. i work indirectly for a large software manufacturer and they do allow for license transfers between two of the same computer but not for pc to mac or vice versa.

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Need help.


Entire town's service went out the other night for interwebz, phones, etc...

Service came on next day.

Wireless works, but not ethernet.

I have tried rebooting computer, routers, etc...

I have tried changing IP addresses.

Sometimes it says it is connected, then when I try to get it to update the dh?? lease it won't get a signal.

I am using a Mac with Snow Leopard on a dsl line with a piece of shit Thomson router bridged to a linksys ddwrt wireless router.

Both are necessary due to middle of nowhere Mexico.

Anybody got some solutions for this nonsense?



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have you contacted your isp yet? with how convoluted your set up is, simple suggestions on a forum are kinda tough to give. usually, ISPs give free support for networking issues, especially if you threaten to go with another provider.


when you say the "wireless works, but not ethernet" do you mean that the computers that connect wirelessly work but the computers that are hardwired don't? i'm confused because if you're able to connect wirelessly, you should be able to connect with an ethernet cable as well.

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Yeah, I got it worked out today.

One of the plugs needed to be moved to the main router because it was creating conflicting IP's and not allowing the desktop to use the ethernet.

The connection was good, but the pain in the ass routers were just setup poorly.

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Couldn't find a thread about web design, so I figured id ask it here.


Im thinking about going back to school, and am looking to study something that's gonna be in demand for a long time to come. Im considering web development. Some people have said that web design is becoming easier and therefore less in demand. Is this true? Are there any other tech fields that are high in demand and that pay well? Thanks yall.

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it has become pretty easy to design a website especially with templates from places like wordpress like minus mentioned and software such as dreamweaver being commercially available. there's even a dreamweaver for dummies book so anyone with a bit of motivation and know how can make a website. then again, any design job that i see posted usually includes web design as a requirement.


that being said, i don't know shit about making websites and pay someone to do it for me. i create the content, but they write the code.

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