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This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.
Vista looks cool, but the minimum requirements just to have the Aero GUI make it sound like games are going to run like shit unless your computer is bananas.




that is the major prob with vista. to use it, you must have directx 10 capable video card, fast processor, over 1 gig of ram, etc. it will certainly cost a ton to upgrade.

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i dont know if anyone will be able to help but..

when i play dvd's on my computer its recently started to play them slightly jerky, the sound is slightly slurred, and the speakrs crackle and pop abit while playing...

its a pretty new computer so its not short of memory or anything.

it only happens when i play discs, like it plays movies already loaded onto the pc fine..maybe it has to do with a certian setting or something.

any help would be much appreciated..

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i hope you find a drunken fat hispanic guy with piss and shit all over himself laying on your doorstep tomorrow morning.

This comment reminds me of a guy that came into my work and told me that he saw a bum out the front that had spew all down his shirt, but when he asked the guy what was wrong, the guy said he was more concerned about how 'he had soiled himself'.


Totally not what you would expect seeming as though I work in a wannabe yuppy area wher people (especially women) put a heap of effort into gettign dressed up just to visit the shops.

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i've got a samsung 19" and i'm extremely please with it.

i know you said, 21"+


let's take a look....




here are several



newegg.com is probably the best place to shop. fast shipping, great service, outstanding deals.

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