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correct cap for the make


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Heres my question. What caps work best on what cans. Ive had limited success with softballs on rusto cans. Someone told me that softballs work well on Krylon cans. He also indicated that NY caps work better on Krylon. Any merit in this claim?


I saw a bunch of new Montana caps and bought a few. I dont got $ for Montana cans. How are them montana caps on different brand paint.


Today i purchased a bunch of NY thins. I never buy these and i was wondering what type of paint cans they work best on? Im pretty good with rustos on rustoleum. Been using them for years and just never strayed from the combo.


anybody else got any insite on what tips work best on what cans? what tip/can combos that dont work too well and should be avoided?

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well from waht ive used..grey dots work really nice on krylon and montana/belton...they work on rusto but they tend to fuck up. for rusto i use either a german outline or a ny thin..ny thins dont clog as much so i use them more. as for fatcaps..ive used ny fats/rusto fats, orange dots and pink dots on krylon and they all worked fine. on rusto orange and pink dots dont work so well..i recommend using rusto fats and ny fats..im tired of typing now

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NY Fats (Softballs,Fat caps)

Works best with Krylon, Montana ..(Never tried with Rusto, so I cant say it does not work with them)

Mostly used for bombin and fillin,.,


NY Thins (Phantoms)

Works best with Krylon, Rusto, Montana..

Mostly used for Outline, Getting permy spots on the streets..


Rusto Fats..

Works best with Rustoleum DUUH....

Mostly used for bombin since it brings nice thick outlines..

Never use a Rusto cap on Krylon..It drips and kills shitload of paint..


Grey dots

Works best with Krylon, montana and all that expensive fuken paint..(No Rusto, then again I never tried it)

Mostly used for Outline


I'm fuken sleepy by now and tired of typin..All the information above comes from my personal experience I had with this caps..Go to Graffiti stores online, sumtimes they give an exact description on what cans the caps fit..Do a lil research mayne...Better yet go fuken try it yourself, if it drips of course it aint workin, I dont think you dumb enough to keep using that shit after spilling half your can on a shitty tag..





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I'm just waiting until some says that http://www.tryityourself.com doesn't work. Haha.


Seriously, i hate rusto fats. NY Fats all day long, and I've been having pretty good luck with them on Painter's Touch. Sometimes AA and Stops Rust cans leak, but PT is almost always safe. Same with the America's Finest they sell at Home Depot. Black and Brown work great with a NY Fat. Mmmmm.

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Originally posted by Mammoth+Feb 27 2006, 07:07 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Mammoth - Feb 27 2006, 07:07 PM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-5iveDee@Feb 26 2006, 12:18 AM

is there a site that has each cap and a display of how fat it sprays?


why don't you all simply see for yourself. i hate this misconception that the internet will turn you in to this ill graffiti writer.




cause I dont like wasting money on something I wont use or like.

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And how would ALLLLL you punk ass lil toys would find out bout sumthing if there was no 12oz here to help you????


How much paint should I bring??

What kind of cap this or that?

What kind of marker?

How do you rack?

What is window etch?

How do I get paint off my fingers?


Blah.. :rolleyes:

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