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karma's a bitch


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iquit, wasn't it Chris Rock who said something in the tune of "if you hate puerto ricans, your daughters going to marry one"? Karma is a bitch, I believe in it whole-heartedly. Believe me, this is coming from a girl who gets bad karma thrown back into her face daily.


ps... you stink for not coming out to galapagos. other than the fact there was a blizzard, at least 400+ people showed.


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Originally posted by SF1@Feb 23 2006, 03:32 AM

Now why the fuck would someone like Harold Hunter want to steal your "ELBOW-PADS"??? That's like accusing an army sniper of steeling your paintball goggles.

I highly doubt Harold Hunter would even wear "ELBOW-PADS" to begin with. In fact I doubt he would even be forced to wear them if he did show up at your local skatepark. And if they did try to pull that shit, I would have envisioned him being the type of dude to be like "fuck off" and just not skate.


But hypothetically speaking... even if he did vic you for your "ELBOW-PADS" doesn't that make you a herb for not only owning "ELBOW-PADS" to begin with, but espescially for not standing up for your "ELBOW-PADS"???


Fuck you and your petti accusations.




---OG skateboarder cat.---





:haha: don't evan have to read this thred any further :haha:



waaaaaaaaaaaaa he stole my elbo pads waaaaaaaaaa :haha:

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murs head butted me... subsequently i shoved him into a table and a few empty bottles broke.... i got thrown out by the bouncers. Later i was arrested for drinking in the street and taken to jail for disorderly conduct. My car was broke into later that night and my schoolbag with books were taken

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Originally posted by SF1+Feb 23 2006, 04:25 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (SF1 - Feb 23 2006, 04:25 AM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-iquit@Feb 23 2006, 09:09 AM

hahahaha. dude, you're way fucking off.


it's not like i hold some fucking elbow pad jacking grudge for harold hunter. i'm fucking 27 years old man. take it to the streets. hahahahahaha.


bro. i just tried to make a funny post. i never liked the guy.


i'm crying like a girl?


i'm bitching like a herb?


what the fuck are you talking about???


i just explained the story to you because you doubted that it happened.


what are you so angry about? are you mad that i posted a thread about harold hunter on 12oz that doesn't say, RIP brother we'll miss you??? who the fuck cares. i made a joke on 12oz about someone who died. sue me. and the fact is i probably knew him better than anyone else reading the post. dude seriously. find someone else to be mad at.


look. if anyone on here was actually boys with Harold and is offended by my equating his death with the jacking of my elbow pads, i'm sorry. didn't mean to ruffle any feathers with my disrespect for the recently deceased.


but dude, SF1... like i said. find someone else to vent on. lighten up. if you have animosity towards skaters these days or some shit... or people who don't "take it to the streets"... ok. whatever. be mad. but just so you know, i'm the balding 27 year old guy sitting in his office right now checking on 12oz. please redirect the hate. thanks.


Now be honest... Would you be able to decypher sarcasm? Go back and read your first post with an open mind. Does it not sound like you're bitching???

How are people suppose to tell the difference? It's typing on a screen for God sakes! There is no tone of voice.



are you serious? i think just about everyone "got the sarcasm"(except for you). just give up you look dumb(on the internet, not that that matters). you keep trying to bring up more and more points so you dont end up loosing this e-fight. your acting like this is some united nations debate, relax.

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"yes, elbow pads are gay. yes, i suck for actually being intimidated by him. blah blah blah. whatever dude, i was 12 and i was scared of this weird alien looking black dude who stole my shit."




HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This shit just made me laugh so loud and hard that I spit my soda on the monitor, and almost started crying, because i was repeating "wierd alien looking black dude who stole my shit" to my girlfriend and shes laughing because she knows exactly who he is. :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:

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