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man what the fuck


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so yesterday my lip is itching when i wake up but i dont think much of it. then when i got home from the bar last night there was a little bump on it but i figured it would be gone when i got up today. but no, today i get up and my lip is swollen as fuck and i have two swollen dots on my lip that look kind of like whiteheads but not. its itchy but it hurts like shit if i touch it. then after dinner they popped i guess and this yellow shit came out. this shit is really pissing me off. i think a spider or some shit bit me in my sleep the other night. anyone have any clue what this is or how i can get rid of it?

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Originally posted by dubsface@Feb 22 2006, 02:38 AM

dobs: when confronted with a problem that is serious such as lesions on the genitals or mouth area (any mucus membranes for that matter,) youre better keeping that shit private and going to a physican.





im not worried about it, i know its not anything like that.

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