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i want this third world war to jump off already


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Yeah, we need to hurry up and kill all of the niggers of the world. Not teh "blacks", they're cool, but you know, all the sand niggers and jungle niggers and such. And the various faggots of the world. Pretty much anyone with an accent.


And short/fat motherfuckers.


Then this place will finally be cool for us blessed white boys.

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a war would be cool

i would gather a bunch of women, hide out in a house in the desert somewhere in california

kill a few movie stars and pretend that black people did it

write a few lyrics in blood of victims houses for effect

and then wait for an ensuing war to take over between blacks and whites

blacks will win but wont be able to govern themselves, and eventually, will come crawling to me to lead them to slavation


wait....did someone try this already?

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well a company from the UAE just won the bid take over the major us eastern seaboard ports. wait till the unions get going on this. i'll be in jerz w/ my brothers!

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i need some mongo santemaria back in my life.... i lost my tape about 6 years ago and at this point dont even have a tape deck (set up/ plugged)


not sure the ports will be any LESS safe then they are now.


china checks 100% of cargoooo, the US does maybe 5%.

the US us open like store 24.

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