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Rolling Stones free concert


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The Rolling Stones are staging a free concert on Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana beach in Brazil - one of the biggest gigs the world has ever seen.


As many as two million people are expected to attend the concert, which features a huge stage with eight video screens and 16 sound towers.


The band opened with the song Jumpin' Jack Flash as fans from around the world cheered.


It is the first time the Rolling Stones have performed in Brazil for free.


About 10,000 police officers are on duty for the show, which is part of the Stones' A Bigger Bang world tour.




Fire officials estimated the crowd at over one million at the start of the show on Saturday evening, but more people were coming.


Some fans had camped out on the beach to get a prime spot.


The city is paying $750,000 (£432,000) for the gig, which takes place just a week before Rio's famous carnival.


Fans in the US will be able to listen to the show on radio and on the internet and also in more than 150 cinema screens across the country.


Saturday's crowd is not as big as that at Rod Stewart's 1994 concert, also at Copacabana beach, which drew a crowd of 3.5 million.



2 million?


i cant even begin to imagine how huge that is

i dont even think theres that many people in my city let alone a fucking concert





niggas is gonna be wildin!

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Guest Sparoism

Anyone seen the Altamont movie? The Stones don't have a good track record when it comes to free concerts/massive crowds. I wouldn't mind seeing it on TV, though.

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