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Zack Morris

I wanna see your...........PETS!

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i had to put down my family dog of 12 years last night, best dog in the fucking world, never barked, never bit a thing, loved sitting outside in the grass rolling around and just taking in the nice day. chasing 8 tennis balls at once not knowing what to do. dude was way to human, dude was the fuckin BEST.



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Re: I wanna see your...........PETS!


Dutch Man, the sweetest dog in the world. All he wants to do is sit on your lap






Dee on the right, really annoyed that I just woke them up



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making your own dog food


i wrote this up, took pics and got lazy and never posted it up..



for making my own dog food i went to the $1 store and bought cheap tupperware.






then i go to the store and buy whole chickens by whatevers cheapest per pound

usually i get 2.





then i get one container of chicken livers and one container of hearts. (nasty looking shit)






depending on fresh vs frozen i then buy things like broccoli, carrots.






i put both chickens into the pot and boil them eventually adding the veggies and gizzards towards the end.





kombu powder








i also add dried seaweed/kelp and seaweed powder that i buy from asian stores it comes in a large chunk. good for the coat





put an even amount in each container. give each a shot of karo syrup along with some broth.

prevents the occasional convulsion/low sugar diabetes attack





then i freeze them and thaw them as needed.






you can add rice or plain pasta




dinner is served

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That is a killer looking dog, and it probably eats better than most of the people on this site.

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serum bone meal or vitamins? I make my dogs food and the vet told me I should add it.

I gotta make a batch tomorrow, maybe pics, if I'm not to lazy.

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props on making dog food, my moms does that for her dogs... I used to think she was crazy till she broke it down for me what kind of awful shit is really in dog food. My childhood black lab made it 16 years on my mom's home-made. Cool dogs in here.

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nice work serum!


i used to make my dog's food in a crock pot, almost the same recipe except molasses instead of corn syrup, and no seaweed.

however, she's got an anal gland issue and does better with the extras they put in the dry stuff.


we use pretty expensive stuff. they deserve it.




awesome pugs.

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i took the pics a year ago and have since changed from karo syrup to molasses/agave

i would like to stop cooking the food and change to raw diet but to be honest

i cant afford organic only meat and still worry about ecoli irregardless of the source of meat.

he still gets regular dog food which i mix nutro and wolf king.

i mostly pay attention to the level of protein because akitas are susceptible to

hip displasia so i make sure the protein level isn't too high and he doesnt get too fat.

i believe he is about 85-90pounds


now in terms of supplements i havent gotten that far truthfully

i have a book that focuses on akita diet (akita treasure of japan volume II)

and it has over 500 pages with a very detailed list of herbs from hops to ginkgo biloba

i havent tried any of them except pumpkin which i use if he gets the shits.


but the thing that i would stress is that making this food for him is cheaper than regular dog food

can be created in an hour of boiling and separating and you are done for the month.

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lol yeah symbols i switched since remembering you mentioning the molasses awhile back

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You actually have to watch the pugs pretty close when it comes to food. It is the only thing they care about. They will eat themselves to death.


I give them scrambled eggs once a week.


How much cheaper is it than dog food to make all the food yourself?

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