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I wanna see your...........PETS!

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been waiting for years to more meaningfully contribute to this thread.   yes I know I should have got a rescue  dog but two years of scouring the rescues sites for something that isn't "Pitb

So here’s a little story of my pup..   I travel for work. While leaving the south west and heading to the northern midwest with my girlfriend we found this dude running down the middle of th

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I grew up with a german shepard/collie (lassie dog) named candy.She was the illest watch/guard dog of all time.but the sweetest dog too, we had to put her to sleep 2 years ago (right after i moved out) because of digestive problems, it was probably all the table scraps we used to give her

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Maka is the mixed breed, we're not sure with what. She weighs about 65-68lbs. Lily is the Great Dane, she's only about 14 months old but already weighs about 115lbs. Both are very loving and faithful, couldn't ask for more.

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Originally posted by Frate Raper@Mar 6 2006, 04:38 PM

I miss my pitpull alot, their banned out here now.I miss my Sheppard Husky even more, his name was Nigguh he was the dopest dog EVER!


I was offered a Seppard/Pitbull today but shes not trained very well and shes 3.I might get a cat.


get the pit/sheppard cross its a great mix. thats what i got, my girl bought him, trained him and all he does is wait for me to get home. hahaha, definatly my dog now.



he likes to roll in dead things though.


the dead harbour seal he rolled on, fuck dogs are gross sometimes.

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2Blazzed , that shit was terrible! [/ifftopic]I fucking hate people like that. I knew this one dude in high school who was telling me about his weekend and how he went down to a ditch and dropped a 20 pound rock on a cats back, he then told me he watched it suffer on the ground for a few minutes with its fucking back bent in before dropping the rock on its head and smashing its brains on the ground. Man people fucking suck. [/offtopic]

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wow, that's really sad suki. i've never been able to understand how people can abuse their animals. i mean why even have them if you're going to mistreat them? so you're a foster mom? that's pretty impressive.

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