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I wanna see your...........PETS!

Zack Morris

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So here's some stuff.  Doubt anyone noticed my benching game has been off but here's why.... been immersed in a few rescue activities that have taken some time.  First, many months ago I took on my 3rd foster dog.  This little lady took a lot of work, mostly around training.  She really didn't get a lot of attention from potential adopters unfortunately.  One sad fact I learned- black dogs take longer to get adopted, people have unconscious prejudices about this shit 😞 which just shows how ingrained racism is.  A secondary reason is they are harder to photograph to make an ad for them, but it's really less the issue.  Anyhow, she's a great girl, I did a ton of work with her, and she finally got adopted recently!









Gross pic because everyone thinks this is good deed type shit but when you see those ASPCA ads on TV they don't show you this:




Immune system goes down when the animal is stressed, going through transport, rescue, etc.  My young lady arrived with a cold, which meant about a week of a snotty runny nosed puppy running around with little I could do about it.

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Now on the same day I picked that youngster up the rescues in our state were asked to help with a hoarding situation that overwhelmed another state's rescue systems.  A plane of 100+ dogs and some cats flew the animals 1,500 miles to us.  We met them on the tarmac and unloaded them all to their designated rescues.  Again, sounds like happy do gooder type shit.  The reality is 100+ stressed animals on a plane ride with no place to potty creates a smell like no other.  Many of these animals arrived covered in filth so we had to remove each one, wipe them down, and then re-crate them on our transport, then bathe them when we got back.







Ground crew giving a fist bump to pilot cowboy for being a good man







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Spent a few days helping to track and capture a dog who broke loose and went on an adventure in the woods.  Got to work with some people who recover dogs, was pretty impressed with their DIY ingenuity.  The above trap was crafted from crate parts.  In this set up it was decided that a roof wasn't needed.  The dog enters from the far side in the pic and when it gets to the back of the trap (front of the pic) it breaks a beam that releases the doors, held by magnets/bungies, and shuts the dog in.  Slightly hard to see, but the ground inside the trap has bacon grease poured on it, and you can just make out some McD's cheeseburgers and hot dogs  broken up in there. Also there's a camera set up there that broadcasts the dog's movements so we know in real time what's happening.  Because this was a skittish dog a clear panel was installed so the dog would have the illusion that the trap was open ended.



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@ndvlol, dude was a pilot, in a cowboy hat, who does rescue dog flights.  Be hard for me to hit that coolness factor, sure he does well with the ladies if that's his thing.

@fat ralphygood guy thing in a volunteer army.


Worth mentioning that for many volunteering to do stuff like this is good therapy, and much cheaper.

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