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I wanna see your...........PETS!

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been waiting for years to more meaningfully contribute to this thread.   yes I know I should have got a rescue  dog but two years of scouring the rescues sites for something that isn't "Pitb

Haha thats great @Schnitzel   I just looked over and caught this lazy ass ball bag sleeping like this  

So here’s a little story of my pup..   I travel for work. While leaving the south west and heading to the northern midwest with my girlfriend we found this dude running down the middle of th

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Update.  New pup rocks, lot of work tho doing basic and breed specific training.  I don't half ass shit, so even tho we 'failed' at fostering I'm still volunteering time to the rescue handling dogs for adoption events.  Been pretty cool, I've got to handle a number of different dogs and have had access to a behaviorist to see and learn some good dog whispering.  One week they rescued about 30-40 pups which was quite a site to walk into.  My favs were a group that were all named after firearms, almost tempted to bring a buddy home for my dude but that's for later down the line.


Related aside there's been talk in other threads about how to meet people without dating apps, do what you like and meet someone through that, etc.  Well, if you're single and like dogs I can tell you that at least through the rescue I deal with there are a lot of attractive women who volunteer, and just as many who attend events looking to adopt a dog.  

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If those bristle worms were big enough to eat a man they'd be scary af. They engulf food so fast it's like giving my dog a piece of cheese. He inhales it and I question whether or not he knows what cheese tastes like. 

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Bristle worms - incredibly resiliant.  I've seen these things get sucked through a power head (a powerful 'water' fan) and just get destroyed into like little bits..... any bit that is kinda still worm shaped will turn into a full new worm.  I wouldn't be surprised if nearly every one of the worms you see in the video are all genetic clones of one another.  The bristles are like fiber glass and I've gotten rekt by them more than once doing tank maintenance.  I'll tell you it sucks dick to pull your hand out and find you have a long worm shaped line of bristle stuck in your hand, like thousands probably.  Very irritating.


Amphipods - these are the little shrimp things.  They are very common in the ocean and have many relatives that are various sizes.  Very similar to a shrimp.  They are scavengers that find food that comes into the reef/ocean through other means.  Consider a shark tearing a fish into pieces by the reef, the small bits that float to the bottom will be eaten quickly by animals like bristle worms and amphipods.  There are also "copepods" too that live in the tanks I have.


Ball anemone - probably didn't get a good view of them in the video because they're hard to see under blue light.  They basically catch bits of stuff that floats by.  I use a food called "reef roids" that is basically freeze dried plankton and other small single cell organisms that are used as food in the ocean.  When I pour this in the water the ball anemones will expel all their fluid and deflate, then they'll open their mouth in the center and begin inhaling the water to fill up with small bits of plankton.  They sense that it's entered the water column very quickly after I put it in and you can see this change nearly immediately.  It's like they smell the water.


Snails - there are 3 different species of snails in here, all large snails.  They basically just keep the glass clean because they eat algae.  The tank is much cleaner and easy to see in since I added them a few months ago.  This is a 3 gallon tank on my book shelf and is super fucking easy to take care of.  I'd recommend it to anyone looking to get in the hobby.  I do nearly nothing to this tank and it's amazing to look at.  If you like smoking weed you could just space out for hours probably.

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USB drive by the tank for scale. It stays on my bookshelf. The light is an "AI Prime" and is the most expensive part of the setup at around $150. They may be cheaper now. The other expensive thing is the Automatic Top Off or ATO. They cost around $60 or so and keep the water level constant by injecting fresh clean non salt water when the level drops from evaporation. Salt doesn't evaporate so if you had salt water in the ato you would slowly increase the salinity of the water until it was uninhabitable. 



edit: you can see the ball anemones in this picture just above the USB drive.  The little dot in the center is their mouth (and probably also their butthole).


edit 2: realized I didn't answer your question about bristle worms eating amphipods.... they don't and wouldn't be able to if they wanted to.  Amphipods are very much like shrimp.  Squirrely af if you try to threaten one, it'd be across the tank so fast that bristle worm would be wiffing on the bite.

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Nice one - thanks for sharing. gives a good idea of the scale


 I had visions of them being a bit like Bobbit Worms.


 those things are creepy as hell.



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