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I wanna see your...........PETS!

Zack Morris

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Update on my cat Trouble from this morning:  He has a 7cm mass on his abdomen.   They're going to open him up after noon today and see if it's something they can treat with chemo or something that is not treatable because it has spread all over his intestine/abdomen.  The outlook is pretty grim and the doctor said even if everything works out and they're able to send him back home he'd maybe have 10 months to live.  I hope they can send him home with us this evening or tomorrow.  This has all been extremely expensive to the point that I don't even want to say what it's cost us.


To me I cannot put a price on my animals because they're a part of the family.  But, this is a lesson to me.  In the future I will just keep marine fish because they are cool pets, they live a long time, and there's not much you can do for them if they get sick.  What I mean by that is, if they get sick it usually moves pretty quickly and there is no vet visit for a fish anyway.  Sometimes a quarantine tank can save them with medicated water but that's only for parasite type infections.


I think most people would choose to euthanize their cat in the situation we're in and Trouble is in given the slim odds and the cost involved in trying to keep him alive.  The vet was trying to push me towards euthanization or making it sound like a viable option to me this morning but I told him I want to gamble.  He said he's going to do everything he can to make sure Trouble is ok.

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It's sad that you lose some out of the litter.  I think that's a pretty regular thing.  My mom has had cats that lost their entire litters several times in a row and that's pretty sad.  Those little ones are so cute!  When Talon is sleeping sometimes he will start growling and making these funny little bark sounds.  We always ask him "who are you mad at in your dreams?"


Talon doesn't realize that Trouble isn't around.  I think we may have to get a puppy or something soon because he needs a compadre.  Trouble and him were the best of brothers even though they never got to the point where they'd sleep on one another.  I always said they'd do it when they got older.

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Good news for Trouble.  His tumor was only 4.5cm and they were able to completely remove it.  His stomach is sewn back together and he has a feeding tube.  The doctor thinks it's the type of tumor that will be treatable with chemotherapy.  The battle is not over but at least he will have more time with us instead of 0 days.  Part of me is wrestling with the idea that I'm being selfish by keeping him alive but this is different to me than a person being in a coma.  Trouble is still able bodied, he was purring on my lap just last night in the ER vet's office.... so I didn't believe this is a good situation to be in.


I've only had to make the decision to euthanize one time in the past and it was when my cat Wolfie was very sick and his breath smelled like death seemingly out of nowhere.  We took him to the vet and they said his lungs were filling with fluid and he tested positive for feline leukemia and feline AIDS.  They said that he would not get better and there was nothing they could do to keep him from suffering.  They let me hold his head as they euthanized him and I'll tell you that was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to deal with in life.  I know that sounds silly but when your pet is around every day for years and years they are part of your family.


I hope all of you give your pets a nice hug today and let them know you love them, maybe go buy them a new toy or a new bag of treats.... with the exception of you @wheredon't hug your frog or snail.... but maybe give them a little petting.

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Gave the dogs both a haircut and a bath and I started walking Sammy.  Since haircut and walks and being praised (lotsa ‘good boys’) 

sammy’s behavior Has improved 75%, he just needs some touch and attention. 


when I’m able to, Bella will be next for walks. 
she’s being a good mommy so far and we are still at 7 pups-when they are restless and mommy isn’t near-all you have to do is put your face next to them ( bury your face in the puppies) and they silence immediately. We all need touch. 

the owners have just had them as outside dogs for almost two years and get upset because the dogs are dogs and weren’t taught.  It’s a super frustrating situation (one of the cases where they shouldn’t have dogs because no one pays attention to them). The owner wants to SEPARATE mommy from pups over night (because they keep people up-when  they squeak and squeal (like pups do) and mommy sometimes sits and steps on em but she has to figure it out. I’m pressing hard about not separating  them.  The mindset is unreal. They also talk of forcing the eyes to open-Like what!?! 
sorry to rant 



Also wondering how Trouble is doing, @Dirty_habiT


he’s so proud of himself in his walks! 


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