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I wanna see your...........PETS!

Zack Morris

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So here’s a little story of my pup..


I travel for work. While leaving the south west and heading to the northern midwest with my girlfriend we found this dude running down the middle of the road. We were about 45 minutes from the nearest town (in either direction it turned out) on the Arizona/Utah border. There was nothing around us, straight desert wasteland. With all the cattle around, and how little hair he had and how bad his skin was, i actually thought he was a baby calf at first.


We pull over after us and 3 other cars passing the other way almost hit him. He comes running to us and straight into my girls arms. Even though our car was overflowing with our belongings, we obviously couldn't leave the dude. So i wrapped him in a towel for some sort of futile protection from whatever he may have, mange, fleas, so on.. all we had for food was a half eaten McDonalds hash brown, so thats what he ate. 


An hour later we come across a store and get supplies. He had 3 bowls of food and 2 bowls of water within minutes. Then he passed the fuck out. 3 hours later we get him to the only vet i could find that was open, an emergency vet in Colorado. The plan was make sure he’s going to be ok, get him set up there and continue our trip. After sitting in the waiting area holding the dude like a newborn and being bombarded with old ladies telling us how we’re his guardian angels and his saviors we were both coming to the realization we weren’t going to leave him, although neither one of us wanted to say it or admit it, haha. Doc checked him out, dated him at about 3-4 months, said he had a really bad sunburn, gave him ringworm treatment, among other things, as a precaution, and sent us on our way. Told us he was so malnourished he wouldnt have made the night/a few more hours, and theres a small chance he still might not.   


Fast forward a month later we get him checked out again, at a vet in the northeast, they say he's about 3-4 months, give us some more precautionary treatments, and on our way. 


A month later we get him checked out again (this time in the south) because his condition isn't getting any better, and now we’re breaking out in crazy bumps. Turns out he’s just now about 3-4 months old (almost 2 months later) placing him at about 8 weeks old when we found him, and he had sarcoptic mange, and now we have scabies. Thanks bud, haha. They treat him, we get treated, a few weeks to

months later the dude is good as new.


He’s 6 months old now, and a friendly little fucker. We have no idea how he got out there, but have a few theories. 1.) someone abandoned him on the road. 2.) someone just let him go because they didn't want him and the dude went on a serious expedition through the desert. 3.) his mother was a stray, and they may have been attacked by coyotes. Sadly the reservations of northern Arizona have a reputation for dogs not being cared for. A woman i know adopted a puppy found hiding under a shed, while the rest of the litter laid torn to pieces around her. 


All in all, the dudes good to go. Cost me a few hundred to get him healthy, and had to deal with some scabies. Wasn’t planning on getting a puppy with the girl anytime soon, but here we are. I couldn’t let the dude die out there, and after caring for him for the hours after, i grew fond of him quickly. 











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Baby onesie was to minimize the damage to his skin from scratching. He would scratch until he was bleeding everywhere.
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6 minutes ago, LUGR said:

What are you feeding him?


Dude was just straight chewing the dirt he was digging, haha.


if you mean for food he gets some large breed puppy stuff we were recommended. Usually some salmon/lamb to help his coat. (Also recommended.) 

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10 hours ago, where said:


Those are baby Frontosa we got this week for the big tank. Didn’t  want to wake them back up for a photoshoot but they’re cool. It’s a planted tank swords in the center and assorted plants around  with sand and mad flourish tabs, caves in progress. Smaller tank. Big fan of that shrimp, Clem, wicked cool, rides the golden mystery snail around, 1 cm shrimp acts like it’s his house we just live here and snails are comedy in general, I lol at them. 6 black neon tetras and one emperor tetra. 




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I named him Shadow from  Sonic 2 Adventure for three reasons.  When he chills, he turns into a fuzz ball. He only has the redish hair on his head,  and he is very athletic. 


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I got another juvenile Frontosa, for 4.99 as assorted, I knew that was meant to happen, I was just buying shrimp for the other juvies to practice on, I think it’s a female, but this week I’m gwon drive to this whackadop fish farm place in western mass and get some females for sure, I want 6 juveniles in this 40 breeder, I’m going to expand the caves. Then move the non paired ones to the 90 gallon, and I’m going to set up the other 2 60s I’ve had in storage for a year and a half. I have to because I need some south american cichlids, like freal. 5 tanks ina 1br is a force, but it feels good lol my daughter says our house is an aquarium. Oh and I got one of those famous rabbit snails it looks cool, pics otw 

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25 minutes ago, One Man Banned said:

Went same route in the past, they seem to like the pots and if you get a mating pair they'll lay eggs in them

What’s in there so far are all mouth brooders but yea I had that happen a lot back when I was doing South Americans. What fish did you have breed?

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