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I wanna see your...........PETS!

Zack Morris

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I had two betas (one after the other). believe the first died from being too cold, but was never sure. No idea why the second died. Became too stressful so called it in after that.


That said, my dog George (posted earlier) is beyond being a food thief. Gotten to the point that I have to hide the soap we keep in the shower because he kept eating them. Dude literally ate about 9 new bars of Irish Spring before we realized it was him stealing it. Almost worse is he ate three sticks of butter one evening and then another couple later that week. Can't leave them on the counter for a sec before he hops up and snatches them.

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2 minutes ago, pissdrunkwhat?! said:

Yeah @Dirty_habiTI wouldn't even know where to begin or have the desire to keep a salt water tank. Id be over here killing expensive fish non stop iThey're amazing though I like seeing all the corals and anemone. 

Had always heard that the bigger the tank, the easier it is due to how stable the PH balance and all that crap is. That said I think a lot of people with those crazy salt water tanks have a dude that comes through every so often to service them.

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3 hours ago, grublife said:

OHHH I LOVE CAPYBARAS @Dirty_habiT!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy there are so many cool animal folks here! ^^. A fox was brought into the vet clinic the other day and his name is Harris and he is SUCH a good boy :'(! He's going to live with humans long-term cause he has neurological issues and is blind so he's going to have constant 24-hr care <3.


I still haven't been brave enough to join other threads but I'll try~ ^^


P.S. @misteravenit wasn't cat-face that recommended me (that is such an amazing name, though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I just use the cat-face emoji a *LOT* hahaha.


Ah, thought maybe she was around somehow...


Have a lot of foxes out my way. My cat Arlo is cool with them for whatever reason. They leave each other fresh kills.

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@pissdrunkwhat?!- saltwater isn't too hard.  What @misteravensaid about the larger tank being easier is definitely true.  It's best to buy a large tank from someone that is getting out of the hobby because people do this all the time and sell their equipment for pennies on the dollar.  For instance I got the following for $400:


- 75G Deep Sea Aquatics glass display tank and stained wood stand. (~$1200 new)

- Reef Octopus protein skimmer (~$400)

- Hamilton Cebu Sun Metal Halide ballast (~$1000 new)

- 7-stage RO/DI water filtration system (~$400)

- misc. everything else this guy had.


It's not uncommon to find people on craigslist selling all their shit.  Next thing I should say is that I have a 3G reef tank on my book shelf.  It has one fish, two rainbow bubble tip anemones, and a neon orange ricordia yuma coral.  It is VERY easy to take care of, and very low maintenance.  The costliest things on it are the AI Prime led light and the Auto Aqua Micro Auto Top Off unit.  Those two things keep the inhabitants in the 3G happy.


I advise against getting any bowfront aquariums.  They are harder to clean.  I learned a very important life lesson (kinda) from messing w/ reef tanks.  Nothing good happens fast.  Take your time, don't buy everything the fish store will sell you because their business is to sell you shit.  I've had corals kill other corals, fish harass other fish, crabs that killed my snails, etc.  Do your research.  Take your time and find a good deal and you can get into this awesome hobby without spending a fortune or becoming a marine biologist..... Although my interest in marine biology is definitely very piqued since keeping reef tanks.


You CAN profit off keeping reef tanks.  I've had anemones split before and turn into 2 identical anemones.  They're worth $60 or so if I were to sell one to a local fish tank owner.  If you keep your pair of clown fish happy they may lay eggs, and if you have the supporting setup you may be able to raise baby clown fish..... they're worth $80/pair and up.  You could easily breed these fish and sell them to your local fish store.  I haven't done any of that because I just keep corals/fish because I like them.


I highly recommend it.  Let me know if you guys want to see any other videos.  Maybe some photography experts can help figure something out.  Digital camera sensors don't pick up the heavy blue light used on coral tanks very well, it makes the picture very grainy.  I have some orange gels that I can use to cancel the blue but they just kinda work. 

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I'd debate that doing fresh water planted setups is more difficult than keeping corals/fish in a reef tank.  It's the same basic thing, there's lots of areas of detail to pay attention to with a freshwater planted setup.  I'd love to see some pictures of what you're working on in this regard @pissdrunkwhat?!  Also, sorry I didn't make it to lunch this weekend, I was super busy working on the car.

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Did the fish thing in the past.  At one point had 4 tanks running to include running a tank for fry from a mating pair I had.  Always fresh water and mainly large fish, had few difficulties other than the do your research stuff listed above.  When I wrapped up that hobby I dropped most of my stuff on Craigslist as mentioned.  Still enjoy it but def don't miss having to move fish tanks up/down stairs or dealing with going away even though there are timers.

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^^That is definitely a "problem".  I check all 4 of my tanks every day when I get home first thing.  It only takes about 15 minutes unless I start spacing out at the corals.  The best/easiest/most expensive thing to do is to get an aquarium controller like an Neptune Apex.  Unfortunately they cost around $1400 if you want all the things that you can get with it.  I don't have one yet but my goal is to move all of the inhabitants in the 3 display tanks through a quarantine tank and then into my 75G display tank I have setup..... and then break down/sell/keep/whatever w/ the smaller tanks.


Usually when I go out of town I have someone stay at my house and I leave them thorough instructions on how to care for the tanks..... even then it makes me cringe while I'm away because I know mistakes are easy to make with this hobby.

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