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Poop Man Bob

Police sketches

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Originally posted by Poop Man Bob@Feb 14 2006, 12:50 PM

You HAVE to post the image. If needed, black-box out the eyes or something.


I'll see if I can find it first. Its been a few years. I know I've got a copy of it somewhere.

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rescue 911 and unsolved mysteries really fucked with my head as a young child. i was certain that i would be involved in some horrible accident or mishap and then have a film crew trying to film me as people were trying to rescue me.


and i figured that all the people on unsolved mysteries were desperate criminals who wanted the money in my piggy bank, so i set booby traps outside my door ala home alone.

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im pretty sure a lot of the pictures look distorted, becasue the artists exaggerate on the distinct characterists. look at a cartoon of GW Bush, he has a beak and crazy ass ears in them, but it looks like bush exactly because political cartoon artists do the same thing. well thats my theory. goodbye.

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hahaha, i havent actually laughed out loud at a thread on 12oz in some time. thanks pmb for making that happen.

this is why i come here.


yes i hated that fucking theme music from unsolved mysteries. i shudder when i hear it, i downloaded it once while stoned and freaked out. horrible show to subject children to. murder, kidnapping, and fucking aliens too.


rescue 911 had a feature once in my hometown, which was awesome.


and yes, are they getting children to draw these pictures? like the goatee handlebar mustache combo, and the first guy looks like a melted plastic doll of sorts.


there are some horrible sketches out there. who is doing this?




he might as well have a bag with money sign on it too.



amazing looks spot on.



or this gem



i can identify boomhauer from that cartoon





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