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John F. Kennedy: Profiles in Courage.

Michael Kennedy: Profile's in Wood.



What a rich Kennedy! Michael had a wood-paneled face!



What's the difference between a dog and Michael Kennedy? A dog barks alot and bites. Michael Kennedy bites alot of bark.



People say Michael Kennedy was a rich playboy who did nothing. But in his final moments he made a big impression.



How can you be sure that Michael is really a Kennedy?

Check the family tree.



A simple accident? Some witnesses insist there was another tree at a grassy knoll...



Michael Kennedy was so extravagent. Instead of a simple dinner he insisted on a banquet, and instead of a toothpick he got the whole tree.



Yes, Michael Kennedy cheated on his wife and had sex with an underage babysitter. But in the end, he never tried to save face.



At the end, there was no doubt he was R.F.K.'s son. He was a chip off the old block.



What does Michael and John F. Kennedy Jr's magazine "George" have in common? Wood pulp.



Look for the posthumous beauty tip Michael gave to "Cosmo" magazine: "Skiing can be flattering to your face."



It's not surprising Michael Kennedy was horny for his babysitter. At the very last minute he had a woody.



What's an event you don't want to be at?

A Michael Kennedy New Year's Bash

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You can't really pull the scanner trick anymore because nicer mountains scan your ticket every time you get on the lift. If it doesn't add up (the same ticket in 2 minutes) then the ticket is pulled.


What used to work is my friend had a season pass.


Get a ticket, then say he lost it. Get a new one for free and give me the other one.


Again now that they scan them it doesnt work = (

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Originally posted by dowmagik@Feb 12 2006, 10:37 PM

Expensive? Around my neck of the woods, you can rent all the gear, get a busride to the mountain and a lift ticket for around 50$. Which reminds me I need to get off my ass and git to the mountain. Skiing > Snowboarding


is your neck of the woods fantasy land?



I've never snowboarded, but the one time I went skiing was one of the most fun times I've ever had in my life. I went with my dad's old church's youth group and it wasn't too expensive because of that, but it was amazing. You can get the hang of it pretty quickly, especially if you have ever rollerbladed or ice skated, so you already have the coordination in your ankles and legs. We went from about 8am till 9pm, it was so much fun and by the end of the day I did a black diamond but it was really scary and I felt like i had no control so I stuck to the next level down for fun.

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but lately ive been tring to learn snowboarding better cus most of my boys do it...plus if i was skiiing i would pretty much burn all of them and have to ride the lifts alone

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