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WTF--- I've been here over 5 years.

suburbian bum

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Guest ctrl+alt+del

Moe you were Regulator before you were anything else, i remember that.


And smart and satan and zezto and mams arnt that old.


Who remembers Garth Vader? or what about Bobboli ? We sure gave her some shit, hahahaha, id love to see that thread again. I cant remember when i joined, this screen name doesnt actually reflect it, i was typed out 'controlaltdelete' before whatever it is now, then i got banned for incorrect email or something.

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ive been lurking and posting on here for about 4 years

use to go by telefuzz89 or something like that


my brother use to post on here years back, sir man of slur (sp)


we use to live down the street from willy wonka and he got my bro into it


but 12 oz is an amazing past time at school, which where im at right now


keep up the good work


and the new forum is loads better than the old grey one with the option of either going to the message board, or sending a message the the "web master"



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i started lurking in 2000, bascially when i discovered the internet

i registered later that year under a different screenname


so that was when i was 24.

i had started reading 12oz the mag years before.


my name also had to be changed when we switched to the new board because !@#$% kept fucking the log in up


i'll turn 30 this year and i still post

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Originally posted by suburbian bum@Feb 10 2006, 08:46 AM

splint2- haha I have no memory of talking to you/who you were. Oh well.


Nope, for the most part im not in B-town anymore. How about you? Graffiti wise its been basically dead for years.


ha...i don't blame you man, it's been a long time



no, i am up in FC, but i am down there pretty regularly. i got some friends going to school down there

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Guest Sparoism
Originally posted by DEE38+Feb 10 2006, 09:25 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (DEE38 - Feb 10 2006, 09:25 AM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-Sparoism@Feb 9 2006, 10:05 PM

Boogie Hands is still here.


I think Oolong goes by a different username these days.


yeah its dee38


Yeah, we've spoken elsewhere before...I think.


Anyway, carry on.

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I remember somehow finding this site through artcrimes if I'm not mistaken.



I have to say, I think the crossection of ages that are on the board is pretty awesome. Especially in that even if someone is young on here, as long as they don't act a fool they are respected just as anyone else would be. I suppose it's all due to the anonymity of our interactions.


Trying to talk to people about 12oz has always been a funny experience for me. I have been in many situations where I was trying to reference a conversation being had on here in real life, and all I would get are blank stairs. I would then have to explain what 12oz is, rabble rabble rabble...

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