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WTF--- I've been here over 5 years.

suburbian bum

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I just noticed that, this is fucked up. I dont even post anymore and I still have an average of over 2 posts a day. Im just waiting for 5000 posts...


I have to admit to you dudes some shit. I started this site when I was 14 - heres my story...


Halloween of 8th grade we had a can of black spray paint that we origionally had to use as a blow torch... anyways we bumed around the neighborhood (the burbs) and decided to do some graffiti. I drew a picture of some tits on a wall while my friend drew a girl with a hairy bush. I felt pretty guilty about that for a while. Then i went home and searched for graffiti on google or some shit. Somehow I ended up here.


A lot has changed since then, but I dont feel like telling you about it.


Does anyone remember oolong or boogie hands?





Suburbian Bum - Playing a mother fucking piano.


This thread is bound to be lame.... i think we should all share stories or some shit. Stories about anything.

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Guest Sparoism

I got on here to look at graff, as well....however, I got old, so graff is mostly a thing of the past. But, I'm coming into my Internet prime, so LOOK OUT!!!!

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i started the 'DETO' name in 2002 while i was working 8-5 for a bank opening ira's and new cd accounts. i had nothing better to do than post on 12oz. (and get paid rather handsomely for an 18 year old kid.) in my first year with that company i had about 3,500 of my 7k+ post.

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My first encounter with 'graffiti' was when I was around 9 and some older kid racked a can of cobalt krylon touch-up (the small can) from Sears and wrote his name on the ground behind the Hardee's on the corner. That weekend my friends and I stole a few cans from our parents and wrote bad words on the back of the titty bar. That's hip-hop.


I found the site because when I was 14 a few local cats took me out to spotwatch and I got it in my head that I should write my name on shit again. I got online and tried to figure out how to get "special caps" when I stumbled across some site that had mailorder and a message board feature. I never ordered any fucking caps.

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ahah while we on graffitis first experiances


it was like 97 or 98, and me and this nerdy chinese kid had a can of black engine paint. we went and spray painted bad words on the local synagouge...it was pretty funny


then in freshman year of high school i remember learning that one of my homies from middle school was gettin into tagging, and i remember seein them hit up our middle school and i thoght that was dope


then i met up with a few "taggers" at my high school and the rest is history

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Hahaha. Im gonna share with you all my first graffiti experience. This had to be back when i was in 4th grade. I was out tearing through the neighborhood with some local jackasses. We were out on bikes and took a bunch of shit with us for an adventure. I think we had like some rope a hammer and a can of metalic blue spray paint. After being gone for a while and being done spray painting a bunch of rocks and sticks I rolled home. My dad caught me coming in all late and shit like maybe 11 and saw the can of paint. He told me "You better not have been out there painting on any buildings." Keeping my mouth shut as i always do i though to myself "Pops, you are a genius. Painting pictures on buildings would be rad." Ever since then i would sneak paint from the garage and write all kinda cool names on buildings like SPLIF and GIN. I think the real graffiti explosion hit Germany a few years later and i was hooked ever since then.

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haha. i remember seeing breakin back in '84. my brother

rented it or it came on tv, something.

that was my first real experience with graffiti. seeing it, anyhow.


gah, i remember it was maybe back in 91 ish that i first picked up a can with any intentions of using it to make something graffiti like. i saw that fat ass scandal/felon piece on a local building and was hyped from then on. me and a friend started painting shit.

fuckin ruffians, we were. out to vandalize anything.

real assholes about it, thinking back. anyhow, he dropped out of the game a year or so later, and i kept going.

i'm finally just about too old to keep it up any more. bad leg, etc.


reminiscing is the shit, though.

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Originally posted by MrChupacabra@Feb 10 2006, 12:31 AM

i've been lurking on this site since i was reaaal young. the best part was i was smarter than most of the people even way back then.



same here. I think I found this place at least two or three years before I became a member. I remember the old forum set up. lets see... I'm 19 now... so either 13 or 12 when I started readin this shit.



I think the people that I remember most from back in the day are Smart, S@T@N, Zesto, Mams, PMB, tease, King of Hell, !@#$%... hmmm noticing a trend... I guess I remember a lot of the new mods when they werent such.

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