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Originally posted by MrSirius@Jan 31 2006, 06:10 PM

whats your point? i try to findnew spots t paint, gas hasnt been up there sinc he did, is h lame too, i might be takeing ths too seiously, it is at a scrap yard but they are both dated 2004. except for this one. which wasnt part of the connector. dont act ike a big kid when kids nowa days carry gats.




not sure if this was directed t me but ill take at that i was just stating the fact dont know the guy or you the picture showed a fr8 withvines growin all over it and i stated "wow it looks like its ben there a while" ive never seen a fr8 with vines on it nuthin was ment by it sorry to bother your thread i actually like the flik

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my bad sieera mist,i justdont understand why kids hate, if theyknew there history and had to pay dues like i did they probably wouldnt hate,

oh and to toys haeing gas mta wca dtla has been writing for 30 years and yes you mrone that is the same mta desa is in, he is a legend. and nus has kinged columbus ohio, and most of missouri, so even if you think nus sucks you aint going to have shit riding after beefing with him, also the man never bousts his talent unless he fee;s like it, check to ohio thread doubters,and ask n e one from la about gaso. on those haters.peace sieera mist


str8 letters fuck softies


no respect

there should be a screening processon who can post.

please close thread due to ignorance of toys livin with moms.

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