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cerebral probe

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Guest BROWNer

i like your thread title.

but..your drawings aren't

my favourite..sorry.......

honesty is my policy when

it comes to people wanting

'input' on artwork. i don't

know what to tell you other

than you need alot of practice..

keep at it i guess..good luck

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

Actually, those aren't BAD bad. It was just a bad idea to go in with color pencils and not really do much with them. If left in b&w, they'd be alright. But you know you can do better, right? Beer,


El Mamerro

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i would get some nice colored pencils, like prisma color, lay down your basic colors for the faces, then work in some shades by rubbing slightly darker colors where you would see roundness to the faces. i like the begining of highlighted areas on the brow and nose of the devil guy. work in shades where the light wouldnt be touching. i like the expression the guy with the halo has. id have that face on too if i had a fucking lightbulb in my mouth too.:p also devils/angels can be a little cliche, so maybe look for new ground sometime. study actual faces and then exagerate their expressions. -crash

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