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sleeping during the day


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i can't sleep during the day becuse then i can't get up.

i hadn't taken a nap in years until the other day

i was feeling ill last week so on sunday i napped out at like 5 pm

didn't wake up until 9

then went back to sleep at 10 until the about 9 the next day when i had to get to work

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Winter in Texas is a variable thing. All depends where you are. Panhandle and North

Texas consist of desert and plains so it most definitely gets cold there. Houston and

further south are a little wet but warm during winter. I know while I was home during

last month I was wearing shorts and a tshirt for many days. But now I'm back in the

Northeast(fuck snow). It's been unseasonably warm here though. However, it is

snowing right now...


I sorta wanna sleep righ...zzzzz

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A few years ago when I was still stuck working retail jobs, I would go sleep in the stockrooms of stores.


A few times I was in a gigantic backroom of a certain department store and actually crafted a bed out of boxes, got some pillows and blankets out of stock and went to sleep for 4 hours under a shelf.


When I woke up and suddenly reappeared my coworkers would ask where I was, I'd tell them and they would just be like "oh, alright....". I dont know how I didnt get fired from that shit. I would also frequently sleep in my car for hours at a time during my "25 minute lunch break".



Napping at work is most definetly great, at home though.... It usually just makes me way too groggy and out of sync to be able to accomplish anything for at least 3 hours after waking up.

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I like taking the naps where I get to the point right next to total sleep but I'm not quite there yet, I can't do those for more then 45 minutes or it becomes real sleep and I end up being out for 3 hours and then feeling like shit for the rest of the day.


It's nice when I get good rest at night (which is rare) and then I feel nice throughout the next day. Sleep problems really fuck with your waking life.

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