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anybody ever made mac 'n cheese with tuna?

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Originally posted by Al Green@Jan 29 2006, 02:38 PM

i do it all the time.. its basically a tuna casserole. i also like having some onion in there.

Yep, or tuna melt or whatever.


Just mix the mac n cheese with the tuna and whatever else you'd put in there (onions, tomatoes maybe, what have you) and then serve it up with a slice of melted cheese on top.

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Man, it depends on whether or not you can cook, and on whether we are talking Kraft Easy Mac or something.


It can be good as hell, like a tuna melt without bread.

Or it can be fish & noodles in a yellow sauce.


Shit. You seem smart enough to get by on this one. I say go for it.

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Originally posted by seeking@Jan 29 2006, 04:33 PM

macaroni and cheese with tuna...anyone had it? should i risk it?



HELL YEAH MAN, THAT IS A PASTIME FAVORITE.Growing up my grandma who raised me (rip) used to make it all the time. in a big baking pan she would put mac-n-cheese (homemade one)tuna fish and little pieces of crunchy bread, it was the bomb shit.i still reminicse about it and make it on my own.Its even better the next day cold

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hmmm. this tastes weird. i remember wheni was a kid, my mom would make something that tasted similar to this. it had peas in it, and we'd put it over biscuits. i hated it. this is probably the last time ill be making this particular dish.

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