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John Birch

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I just don't understand....



I usta think I was just ugly...but I guess I'm not....



but it seems no one likes me....I try hard, yet no one ever calls me... I only go out when I call people (like once a month)... "my freinds" never call me...I'm never invited to shit...girls are mean to me at bars....I can't get a job...girlfreinds? lol....my neighbors hate me, they always give me dirty looks, even when I say hello...blah blah blah



but, I feel totally happy and content...only sometimes do I realize how (PERHAPS) my life is fucked up....or is it? perhaps i just need the right crowd? I don't know...


I feel cool, I feel popular, I feel smart, I feel like I am a king of graf etc etc etc...




but perhaps I'm just an arogant prick.. no one likes me...I just ride roughsod, swear too much, make too many bad jokes which no one gets, and drink and do way too many drugs... and not give a fuck...



perhaps I am a








thoughts, opinions, bad jokes? bannedness (again)????

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