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The Scientology Personality Test

Tough Love

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when i take those kinds of tests, about half way through i start trying to remember how i answered the first time they asked me the "same" question instead of just answering it. i guess they ask every question twice in different ways? it's really annoying, and makes it hard to answer the questions truthfully sometimes. that, and i read too deep into some of the questions(usually getting hung up on certain words) to the point where i feel uncomfortable committing to an answer.

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I am in a desirable state for









I am in the normal state for





I am in in undeserable state for




lack of accord








a: 15

b: 70

c: 60

d: 50

e: 70

f: 90

g: 20

h: -30

i: -62

j: -50




200 fuckin questions...alot of double negatives etc to trick you up///




how do post the table?

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yeh i wazs unstable, Depressed, Nervous, uncertain, agreesive as fuck, irresponsible, critical, lack of accord, and withdrawn


i wonder if they actually just have a few random ones that tell u u suck and just rotate them randomly.


i guess just take a screen shot and post it up, or write it out,

mine was showing when i posted this thread, and i know its a png, but i figured it would work

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So... I did NO research, didn't even click the link but... who gives the test? Scientologists? Well, of course you need help... duh...




'Personality Test' + Scientologist provokes a big response from me... I live not far from the Scientology Center of the World or something, I call it "L. Ron's Asshole" butt... whatever...


Still, the Scientologists are all anti psychotherapy and psychology but there's a 'personality test'... What the fuck is that about?

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