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Originally posted by CACashRefund@Jan 29 2006, 12:36 PM

so one time i was masturbating in my living room under a blanket and my grandma sat down and started talking to me, but i said fuck it and decided to keep going and i have to say that was the most pleasurable nut in my life



grammy wasnt any the wiser...


a friend once told me this story about how someone he knew (or a friend of a friend, you know how it goes) was masturbating in his bed when his sister walked in. he instinctively rolled over to hide this sinful act from her only to end up spraining his penis.


now after telling this story to others a debate began, of whether or not a penis can be sprained. sprained is to muscle as teasola'ed is to sherry palmer right?



Next on MythBusters, the 12oz team comes clean as to the validity of this story.

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the same thing happened with my friend when his mum walked in. He didn't sprain it though, he just said he heard a big SNAP! sound and it hurt for awhile. I did however read a vice issue where some dude broke his dick when missing on re-entry.Lots of blood and the surgery where the head was removed and sown back on was involved.

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