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Poop Man Bob

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child abuse judge - belting his daughter... fucking POS


Just Seent that shit in the news. 7 years later. That niggas on BLAST now though. And good.

White people. And judges no less. Always whinin bout beating kids...HA! see. Everybody beats they kids.

But its fucked up to beat yer disabled daughter double team style for being on the Fucking intranet.


Ps. BET someone makes a thread. I know I thought about it.

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how an adoption photo can save the life of an animal



parents telling their kids they ate all their halloween candy



ron livingstone as keyboard cat



dodge neon burnout gone wrong



open a can with a spoon



hank hill listens to dubstep [skrillex]



people with a pet hippo



footage of firefighter wearing a helmetcam

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^^ that was really stupid.



these are funny


I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy (havnt seen it posted yet)


girl falls face first down stairs


drunk guy walking bike


LOLOLOL - best job in the world. tiger poop picker upper



'literal ms paint videos'

- look at me now

- like a g6


Jian Sword Dancing


not a single fuck was given

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