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the double slit experiment explained


this has changed the way i see the world, probably more than, anything else ive understood

my colour blindness is a good way to describe what this experiment proves. say you and i are sitting in a room together. since i am colour blind, the room that i am sitting in is perceived as a slightly different colour than the room that you are sitting in. this says that the room we are sharing is actually two different rooms that exist inside of our heads. the colour of the room that i experience is taken from a distribution of probabilities, a range of different possible rooms that exist. imagine it like we are in a field of possibilities that our brains limit us from seeing. everything you know exists only as a model inside of your head.

the universe is not outside of you, but it is a model being constantly rendered in your brain by the information coming through your senses.



I think this analogy is wrong. the room is colorless. the number of rods and cones in your eye differs from mine, therefore we receive different information. light hits the room and makes z color. i perceive it as x color, you as y.


However I really like the end quote, reality exitst only as a probability until a measurement is made - or observed. it's not two different rooms, it's one room with two different interpretations of it. just like a joke that some people get and some people don't. you exercise your mental capacity on whatever you see, and so do others. some get it one way, others differ. nay?

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Yeah im sorry I took away two tampons away from said fuckstick before scrolling through the rest of the page. I enjoyed the first video,but really, come on son.

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- stopmotion animation

- fuckin sweet lazer show (1:15-1:33)- anyone know how this shit work?

- fluid dress - wtf!

- how to make daft punk helmet in 17 months

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bl6RJyZdBSU - daft punk harder better faster stronger - first saw this video on acid had no idea what was going on.

- dj scratchin

- mix master mike

- cubatron


- boat crash

- pool party fight
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- fuckin sweet lazer show (1:15-1:33)- anyone know how this shit work?


it's just lasers, concentrated light through a fog machine filled room. if you're talking about the wavey looking stuff in between the blankets of light that's just the inconsistencies in the fog

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