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British National Party

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You will be pleased to know that the last few years for the BNP have been years of great success and achievement. The BNP has moved from the political fringes to becoming a party capable of winning elections and the party now has 17 elected councillors, working hard on behalf of the beleagured British majority. Moreover, just as important as this electoral success, is the fact that the BNP over the past few years has been transformed into a dynamic, professional, modern political organisation that in the coming years can mount a serious challenge to the old political parties. As the winds of change have begun to blow in Britain more and more people - who once would have sat on the sidelines - are coming to realize that something is fundamentally wrong with this country and are coming forward into the BNP to do something about it. From all walks of life now, from lawyers to university lecturers, graduates to ex-servicemen, professionals to blue collar workers the BNP is gaining new members who bring real resources and talent to the party. We are recruiting people of intelligence, commitment and determination; people who are successful in their personal lives and bring that success to the party. What about you?


Despite the lies of left-wing extremists and sections of the mass media the motivation of our members which inspires them to campaign on behalf of the BNP is our Vision of - despite the decadence of today - what Britain can become again. The men and women of the BNP firmly believe that tomorrow can be a New Britain, a truly Great Britain, a Britain that will put the interests and rights of her people first. We believe that we can build a Britain that will be united, strong, free and proud again. A Britain where its political leaders represent the will of the people and stand up for their interests. A Britain that does not bow down before the European Parliament, George W. Bush, or IRA gunmen. A Britain free of economic uncertainty, the religious extremism which threatens our very way of life, and where criminals receive not just a slap on the wrist but the swift justice they deserve. We believe that we can build a Britain fully conscious of its heritage, cultural identity and roots where our children can grow up safe, secure and happy; looking forward to a real future in the land of their ancestors.


Isn't that worth believing in? Isn't that worth working towards? Isn't that worth giving at least something to? Isn't standing up for our ideal of Reborn Britain a more honourable way of living your life than simply trying to bury your head in the sand, trying to kid yourself that there is nothing you can do or that things won't get too bad, or that you have done your bit or that there still will be a place for your children in the new multi-cultural, anti-British, politically correct, Blair's nightmare Britain of tomorrow? A country that will be so far removed from the Britain of our Great Grandparents and from the dreams and hopes of our people throughout the centuries as to be unrecognisable. Isn't it better to stand-up today, to act in the best traditions of our people, and to send a message of defiance to Tony Blair and the rest of the New Labour 'thought-police' that we will not surrender our heritage and traditions? By joining with us in the British National Party, you will be working with us to make our Vision of Britain a reality.


As you know our party isn't like all the others. We are not here to flatter and deceive, to lie and promise everything to everyone. We exist for one purpose only: to save Britain and the British. If you do nothing now, you automatically become part of the forces driving us to political, economic and cultural destruction. As we have already mentioned more and more decent people are deciding not to be part of the problem, and are becoming part of the drive to put things right again. That's why we find people like you joining the British National Party. You have that choice to make now. Complete our membership form and become part of our great political movement for the rebirth and renaissance of Britain or do nothing and let the forces of political correctness destroy our heritage, freedoms, way of life and ancient traditions forever! Make the right choice today.

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British National Party leader Nick Griffin has been charged with four race hate offences, police said.


West Yorkshire Police confirmed that Mr Griffin, 45, of Welshpool, was charged at Halifax police station on Wednesday.


He will appear at Leeds Magistrates' Court on Thursday accused of using words or behaviour intended or likely to stir up racial hatred.


Earlier, founding chairman John Tyndall was charged with inciting racial hatred during a speech in Burnley last year.


BNP activist Mark Collett, 24, has been charged with eight offences of inciting racial hatred.



Mr Griffin's arrest followed a West Yorkshire Police inquiry after the BBC's The Secret Agent was aired last July.


Mr Tyndall was arrested in December following a speech he made in March 2004.


He was charged with two offences of using words or behaviour intended or likely to stir up racial hatred.



John Tyndall was charged with two offences


An estimated 130 people draped in Union and St George flags had gathered outside the West Yorkshire police station on Wednesday.


The BNP leader claimed after being released that his arrest had been "politically motivated".


He told supporters he had been charged for telling the truth and would use any trial to defend his party's beliefs.


Mr Tyndall, Mr Griffin and Mr Collett, of Leeds, are all due before Leeds magistrates on Thursday.


A 47-year-old Harrogate man was released from bail last week and no further action will be taken against him, police added.


Police had worked closely with the Crown Prosecution Service, a spokesman said.

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BNP duo to face race hate retrial


Mark Collett and Nick Griffin will face a retrial

BNP leader Nick Griffin will face a retrial on two race hate charges after being cleared by a jury at Leeds Crown Court of two other charges.

Party activist Mark Collett, who was acquitted of four similar charges, will also stand trial again on a further four race hate charges.


Mr Griffin, 46, and Mr Collett, 24, had denied using words intended to stir up hatred in West Yorkshire in 2004.


The jury was sent home after failing to reach verdicts on all of the charges.


The Crown Prosecution Service later said it would proceed with a retrial over the outstanding charges.


After the end of two-week trial, Mr Griffin was met by supporters and said the outcome was a "tremendous victory for freedom".


Their six speeches were filmed by an undercover BBC journalist for a documentary on the BNP.


If the CPS feel they must continue to persecute us simply for telling the truth then we will see them in court


BNP leader Nick Griffin


Mr Griffin said the verdicts were a "fantastic day for the people of this country".


He said: "This evening, millions of people in Britain will be holding their heads a little higher and walking a little taller.


"If the CPS feel they must continue to persecute us simply for telling the truth then we will see them in court."


Legitimate dialogue


Mr Griffin, of Llanerfyl, Powys, had denied two charges of using words or behaviour intended to stir up racial hatred and two alternative charges of using words or behaviour likely to stir up racial hatred.


He was acquitted of one of each charge in relation to one speech, but the jury failed to reach a verdict in respect to a second speech in which he called Islam a "wicked vicious faith".


Mr Collett, of Rothley, Leicestershire, denied four charges of using words or behaviour intended to stir up racial hatred and four of using words or behaviour likely to stir up racial hatred.


He was acquitted of four charges - two of each - in relation to two speeches made at The Royal pub in Pudsey and the Falconer's Rest pub in Morley, in which he described asylum seekers as "a little bit like cockroaches".


The jury failed to reach a verdict over two other speeches, in one of which Mr Collett said "let's show these ethnics the door in 2004".


During the two-week trial, the defendants told the jury they were engaging in legitimate political dialogue about issues which concern ordinary working people.

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The British National Party is a classic fascist organisation whose leaders believe in Nazi race-science and whose members carry out physical attacks on their perceived opponents. These are the simple facts that they keep concealed from their voters. When the BNP goes on the doorstep - its propaganda draped in the union flag - it wants us to believe that it really is just a party standing up for beleaguered local people. As local election results have shown over the recent past, many people have been taken in by the BNP's respectable façade. By Steve Silver


Men in suits: a short history of the BNP


The BNP is no ordinary political party. It is a split from the 1970s National Front and harbours in its leadership people who started their political life in Oswald Mosley's prewar British Union of Fascists, the postwar Union Movement and even more hardline organisations such as the 1960s National Socialist Movement.


The BNP was founded in 1982 a few years after the National Front's electoral disaster of 1979, when the Conservatives stole its thunder on the issue of racism, the one topic on which it had gained most of its support.


The 1980s were wilderness years for Britain's fascists as they operated on the margins of political life. The BNP spent much of this period distributing material such as Holocaust News, which argued that the extermination of six million Jews didn't happen. Its obsession with antisemitism was never really concealed. Led by John Tyndall, who had been in the National Socialist Movement in the 1960s - and is an unabashed nazi - it found it difficult to make progress. The media would wheel out photos - usually courtesy of Searchlight - of Tyndall in nazi-style uniform, which just wasn't something that was going to appeal to the British public.


The international demise of the left in the late 1980s gave the BNP a new found confidence. In 1989 it set up a headquarters in Welling, southeast London. Within a couple of years it had a significant base in the area and BNP supporters were involved in considerable violence. In 1991 BNP supporters launched a violent attack on an anti-racist demonstration in Bermondsey. Demonstrators were beaten up and the BNP held an impromptu celebratory rally. This was just at the time that the Soviet Union was collapsing. Steve Tyler, the local BNP election candidate brought together some of the key elements of the BNP's fascism when he told the assembled mob:


"All blacks are muggers, all blacks have got Aids, we want them out of our country, we want white power. What we have seen in Southwark today is exactly the same as we have seen in Russia over the past week. People power, white power, BNP power."


There one could see the racism, violence and anti-communism coalesce. Like the old Nazi song they believed that "tomorrow" belonged to them. Racial violence in southeast London was to infamously culminate in the murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1993 at the hands of young BNP sympathisers.


In September 1993 the BNP's chief steward, Derek Beackon, was elected for a short time to the local council in Millwall, east London. The BNP was unable to build on this success and it was not until Tyndall was ousted from leadership by the younger Cambridge educated Nick Griffin in 1999 that things began to change.


British fascists had looked longingly at how the Front National in France and the NPD in Germany were building up their membership and vote while the BNP remained a fringe phenomenon. Under Griffin's leadership the party began a process of "mainstreaming", of shedding some of the things that had stifled its growth. Above all else, it went for an image change.


At an ideological level there is little difference between Tyndall and Griffin. They had both been in the original National Front. They both believe the planet is in the grip of an international Jewish conspiracy, and this shapes their world view. While it is the BNP's anti-Asian racism that we see at street level today, the BNP itself sees non-white immigration into Britain as part of a Jewish plot to undermine the white race. This isn't of course an original idea and can be found in Hitler's Mein Kampf.


Under Griffin's leadership the BNP changed its public face. Griffin sought out the media and cultivated it in a way that Tyndall never managed.


Griffin became wrote an article in Spearhead which explained why the BNP was ditching its policy of compulsory repatriation of non-white citizens. It was not because he no longer believed in it, but because for the time being it was unacceptable to the British public. The BNP went for an image change, and the media loved it. The BNP set up a media-monitoring unit, the main purpose of which was to complain if it felt the party did not get fair coverage. Also, whenever the media needed someone to speak on the topic of racism, the BNP could wheel out a spokesperson. That's how Griffin became a household name.


From the mid-1990s the BNP became well aware that one of the greatest problems that the National Front had faced was the violence associated with its demonstrations. It's hard to win council seats if the only thing people have seen or heard about you is your violence. That is why the BNP stopped attempting to hold marches and demonstrations, so that it could not be seen to be publicly associated with violence. It is this media savvy BNP that has secured a swathe of councillors.


The BNP jackboot: from theory to thuggery


The BNP's racism is its most public expression of bigotry. However, what distinguishes the BNP as a fascist organisation is its fusion of nationalism, anti-communism, anti-rationality and crucially antisemitism and racism. The fact that its entire world view is refracted through the prism of antisemitism and race distinguishes it from all legitimate political parties. Yes, the other political parties have racists in them, they even pass racist immigration laws, but they don't reduce everything to race. This was the Nazi contribution to European fascism - where race is all. This makes the BNP not only a fascist party but a nazi one.


Having said that, it would be a mistake to get hung up on the "theory". Fascist theory, such as it is, is a mish-mash of racism mixed with socialist rhetoric, unper-turbed by its internal irrationality because rationality isn't considered to be a virtue anyway. For fascists what is important is racist intuition and "action".


What this "action" means in practice is plain to see in the form of the violence and intimidation that it metes out to its political opponents, who are often white trade unionists or other political activists.


Violence is endemic to fascism, even among those such as the BNP who are going for respectability and trying their utmost to shake off the skinhead boot boy image in favour of suits and electioneering. While the BNP avoids public clashes with anti-fascists so that it can keep a clean image, out of the public eye its activists intimidate and attack their opponents. During the local election campaign in May 2003 these incidents occurred in so many places across the country that they demonstrated how coordinated the campaign was.


A key part of the BNP's campaign of intimidation is the Redwatch internet site where details of the BNP's are opponents are published so that they can be lined up for physical attack. BNP activists and organisers regularly pass information to the website, which is linked to Combat 18, and threaten anti-fascists with putting their details on it. Several BNP activists, including Tony Wentworth, the Young BNP organiser, have taken photographs that later appeared on the Redwatch site.




...The BNP can all fuck off back to where they came from (special needs schools?). The BNP, if in power, would presumably ban all music they perceive as being of non-white origin, they would do a lot of worse things as well. They hate most people for one reason or another.


All human beings are ultimately the same, we are just products of our environments/countries/cultures etc. The BNP and their supporters believe white people to be superior, you will hear them rant on about 'Paki scum', 'all Muslims are rapists' or whatever. BASICALLY FUCK THE BNP AND ALL NAZI WANKERS, THEY WILL LOSE. THE HUMAN RACE WILL EVENTUALLY EVOLVE BEYOND ALL THIS BULLSHIT, IF YOU BELIEVE SOME PEOPLE, IT COULD BE AS SOON AS 2012. (Do a Google search, heck I might start a 2012 thread soon).


Peace to all beings.

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