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Writers Please Help!!! Need Photos!!!

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Hi the post on this particular forum, was altered with out my permission, and locked. Here is the original post sorry for the inconvience. Also I did not mention this in the original post, and can't say too much, since DEnz and I are in the process of trade marking everything, but with writen permission we will be using these photos for a major project we are working on. We are trying not to limit the work on a bias basis with using work of fellow friends and crew members, but broading our selection process. Sorry i can not give further info about myself on this post, since my studio is what's putting food on my son's table. if you need aditional info, please feel free contact me. thank you. TAC CREW


original post and info...



Hi I am a professional artist from Chicago. I am doing a project involving graff. photographs, which will be view at aeveral galleries accross the country... unfortunately due to my own concerns, I refuse to use photos of fellow writers that I know-with their personal info on my phone or in my studio-even though i tend to code everything, etc... of coarse, some who are retired and agree, I will be using their work, but i am paranoid because of my own past and present hobbies. Anyway to make a long story short, I am looking for graff. photos from around the world. hardcopies only please! if you are interested in helping me out and be in a wonderful series, please send photographs, with what you write, city and email clearly in either pencil or ball point pen on the back of each photograph make sure you write softly, it can not go through the other side, otherwise it's useless. also please indicate if i can use your graff. name and city in the title or on the piece-where as some will only have portions used... if your work will be used, i need to be able to get a hold of you to give you a link to one of the sites that are covering the press of my show so you can check it out. depending on the piece i may even give you a print-but that is not for sure yet we'll see. unfortunately i am unable to give out any personal info about myself until the series is completed. please send photos to my studio....


The Workmen's Studio

6818 N. Wayne Studio #1

Chicago, Il. 60626


by sending these photos you are automatically agreeing that you have given me permission to use them for my project, and possible future projects. if you have any questions, please feel free to ask them, i will try to answer them the best i can. If you are not giving me permission to freely use the photos then don't send them. thanks

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