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Fundamentals of U.S. Economy

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(sorry i put this into the wrong forum)

-Declining housing market

-Investment of wealth into non productive assets (war)

-Net debtor Nation

-Rising costs of fuel

-10 Year high of Gold


"Risks to the global economy, for example a record current account deficit in the U.S. that could prompt currency traders to drive down the value of the dollar and make European goods more expensive to buyers overseas, ``remain unchanged,'' he said.


``They haven't unloaded and we hope that it will stay like that, that the imbalances are reduced in a gradual and bearable manner,'' Issing said. "122005ewichart.gif





Monthly Dollar Chart:







Eur Vs. USD




Which currency would offer the best trade (not investment?)

Are we going to see a gold decline?

Buy into gold or sell gold?

Buy oil or sell oil?

Nigeria/Iran influence oil price up? today there 65/66 will there be 70?

Recession or Depression?

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gold is historically the most stable currency and is how one determines the stability of thier currency. since we started counterfeiting money, the dollar is decreasing in value every second, and the fed is robbing us blind through inflation. where are the protests?


as for buying gold, its like anything else. when everyone is selling it, you buy it. it has been down for 20 years, look at it now.

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I was seriously considering buying a gang of gold a few years ago when I had a little change laying around. I wish I did then, Oh well, next time.

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stocks are doing better, which usually means the economy is sucking, strangely enough, but my mutual funds just had a big jump in value...




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