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so nobody said''your prox? ur fucking wack'' what u say'' u heard me....silencee... lol man u niggas act like shit didnt happen.you dont gotta lie man, maybe u didnt wanna scrap because it was broad day light and whatever you could have gotten roped for some dumb shit but dont say we were shook. those who were though knwo whatsup.and later at night you guys said no beef so we didnt do anything, but some guy that was with us wanted to fight cq,we went outside like 5 minutes later and u niggas had jetted,what happned? hes still down for a 1 on 1, so let me know? aight? well be seeing you kids soon.



Originally posted by HeadShotss@Jan 27 2006, 04:48 AM

lol...what bencher said....

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I.....yes....I was the one at the gville wall..asking one of yalll to state A NAME.,.....no one said nething but dae crew i asked which one wAS dae crew and wanted to settle the bullshit that had been in the way of our moving on in the game.and do not deny that when anyone of yall saw us didnot axt like you wanted anything..yes yall repped dae crrew when i asked who you were ready to back up and yall decided that shit all of a sudden turned into old skool beef ...moved on once i "yapped" like yall saiid....YALLLLLLLLLL were the ones sayin you were done with the "back then in kendall bullshit" i dont like to pull names but i know your boy typoe was there knowin i'll set it off on any single one of yall ready to rep against the side we reppin..call it out on video..post it up..kus yall kno i was the one runniin crosss the street to light one fUCK TOYS yall toys up wonce i saw it was a dae prodo...yall like to rUn ya lip like ya tough guys online....what happened when TOK JOSH mopped your dae boy on video in OUR K-TOWWWWWNNNNNNNNNN suckaaaaa.talkin like yall have somthin against us...ask onebody..anybody..their sister, cousin,,auntie and gramps...its ALL BOUT THAT TOOOOOOOOOOK OVEERRRRR KENDALLLLLLLL...STR8UP RUNIN THE GAME PUSHIN BEATIN KILLIN PAINTIN..YALL act like the game dies out when you decide the games too much for you to handle...it aint over ...fuck iif your girlies pregnant too..were gettin her too..started shit with us aint guna never die until your tombstone reps the dates your family thought you were worth remmmembering..give me the word that yall wanna start this beeef agaun,..;. i know yakll dont want it... pleeeeaase im begging yall to try n verbALLy aet it off on this comp4ter scrreeen...ylaaal kno you aint shit in kendalll or anywherer else....its over.....you ainT shit...start a street battle.. like yall said..just to warn you....I WILL BURN yall ON THE PAINT TIPP...AND I WILLL KILL YOU. THEY OUGHTA KNOW KINGS BLAST TOYS ans We never stop Hating..

the words on you...take it from where you want...decidem the wrond wqy ,,your "crew' will be erased....physically and on the few walls you have

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yo fucka dae crew

bitch made ass niggas

loosing all them breakdancing battles

you niggas suck

wut happend when you niggas got a shanked pulled out on you and wer tolled to go outside and run a fade that you wer gonna get your shit fucked up in gainsville in that hip hop event? right in front on 3 cops?remember you fuckin good for nothing cocky pink shirt wearing fag

we didnt give a fuck then to stomp u and we dont give a fuck now you nigaas suck and will always suck





close your eyes

couple of years will go bye

when you open them

our names will still be all over the sreets


all over MORE states

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lol dam yo the beach high wal has MAD FIRE SHIT ON IT lmao

u niggas bomb the weakest shit out ther

u niggas will forever b the other side of a pencil







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Ñioooooo!!! brothe...Everyday I come on here to see if maybe there's some nice pics of my city MIAMI which has some of the dopest history in graffiti. & everyday, all we see is a bunch of niggas who grew up in the same place as I did, live in the same hoods as I do, but are sooooo full of shit acting like they are the dopest shit to ever come out of here. It's like a fucking NOVELA for real in here. Ustedes son HOMBRE O MUJERES?? How fucking old are you people?? Do you think that everybody else from Miami comes on here and actually thinks, "woah, man..them kbt's are sooo fucking cool, man!" or thinks yall are dope? or actually believes that your crew is even halfway decent at graffiti? HELL NO! Fuck no! For the record, I've dont even know ANY of yall, so I'm not here saying this shit cause of some beef I have or even had in the past. I'm saying this cause you niggas look fucking STUPID AS FUCK coming on here like you own this place, when you are one of the WORST artists, crew, people. You can say it a million times if you want. Just cause yall have a big squad which yall are always riding together and will jump people dont make you kings. & dont worry bout what my name is or what I write or anything. For what? Just so yall can go to every spot in the city that I'm up in and cross me out everywhere? Toy my pieces (knowing you rejects could never be able to comp it)? Fuck that. I'm just on here stating facts. It aint even directed completely at just KBT's cause there's alot of other fucks that think they're hot shit too. But yall take the cake. YOUR GRAFFITI SUCKS REEEAAAL BAAAD! You have NO RESPECT as far as painting goes. Then yall talk sht bout people who post their own or their crew's shit when nonecantest.com is nothing but a big KBT, STV, EPC self promo. Yall KNOW your CRAP isn't the only thing running in this bitch! But only flik your own gayness for your little website (which sucks dick by the way!). THAT- is pretty fucking weak. Oh my bad, you do post other people's shit who's dick you pull. LIke FS, Network, FukQ. I'd give them niggas props WAAAAAAY before I'd ever give yall props and STILL-them crews dont come with that big talk claiming they're gods gift to graff. They let their peices do the talking. Do yall actually think that you STOP people from writing? Or end their careers? Please! All yall do is come on the internet EVERY FUCKING DAY OF YOUR LIVES and just act bad and try all these people (who ARE toys) but waste your time on them like your life revolves around toys. Dam..yall are a bunch of FUCKING NERDS. Then thru all this tough talk, I hear shit from everywhere bout how BITCH most of you niggas are. Like the other day, some random cat came out of nowhere and called out Droe. with some old stories of him getting slapped like a BITCH. Then, I hear about how somebody I know beat the shit out of Crons as he tried to run away. I mean..I dont give a shit who gets beaten, who does the beating, but yall come and act like u fucks aren't breakable. That's some bitch shit. And dont be saying "oh, this Miami thread sucks, they should close it..bla, bla, bla..NIGGA every Miami thread that has existed has gotten closed down cause of YOU STUPID NIGGAS. NOBODY ELSE! You say the threads suck but it's YOU FUCKERS THAT MAKE IT SUCK. Yea, I'm writing alot so a mod could come on here and close this. I know yall are just dying to start your stupid responses trying to make ME look liek a Bitch or to take a guess at who's this nigga. Or claim your pathetic crew again and again until it makes yall feel better and forget about my post. Go ahead. I know you will. Cus that's all you FUCKS are good at. Is talking shit. And cowardly jumping people too. Can't forget that! I suggest yall leave the deceased out of your BULLSHIT. THey deserve more respect than that. EVERYBODY! If somebody died, FUCKING LET THEM REST! It's a FUCKING disgrace what's going on with you people. WHy dont yall look at the bigger picture? Do you think GOD gives a shit about your "cool crew"?? U fucking idiots need to look at yourselves and see what kind of people your being. Fucking petty,worthless, start more trouble than good, contribute NOTHING to fucking society or GRAFF for that matter. Sigen hablando mierda, maricones. Go ahead...get this thread closed again. Then someone will open another one and yall can be Rediculously stupid on that one. and over and over..until either the bitch niggas decide they're tired of writing graffiti, or until you go to jail or something, or until somebody beats your fuking ass so bad you dont even want to leave your house. From the good days when they're was some BUSTING DICK GRaff all over this city and the internet 12 oz shit talking didn't exist...to this waste of space, waste of paint, waaaay over inflated ego-maniac fucking DUMP. Thanks for not having any respect fot the best city --MIAMI. Probably the only thing we ALL LOVE. I WISH I was in the company of REAL PEOPLE and actual graffiti that is DOPE. Shit that makes you wanna go paint right now and BURN EVERYBODY. Instead, we're stuck with FUCKING WORTHLESS shit talking MOJONES who aren't even HALF the man they're older family members probably are. I wonder if years from now u niggas are gonna say, "dam..what the fuck was wrong wth us? We were so fucking stupid back then." If yall run this bitch so much why dont yall get any better? Why dont yall get some real skills and start rocking some shit out there instead of talking about it? If yall were really running shit, other people would say it for you. But Nobody cares if you niggas think your the best. And while yall are at it, why dont yall look at yourselves as individual people and see what a worthless piece of shit scum you are. Forget about graffiti. THis life is about more than that. But yall base it all on this and what u want people to think in this forum. Fucking grow the fuck up already. Ustedes ya tienen Canas en los huevos and still act like fucking little freshmen in high school. Hasta cuando? SHUT THE FUCK UP AND POST PICS AND ACT LIEK MEN ACT. Not Mujeres!

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U see?? WHAT FUCKING RETARDS YALL ARE? For example I didnt' even mention WH but you threw it out there. WHY? cause you KNOW u suck their fucking DICKS. That's why there's all these little TOY subdivisions of the same people. Cause they'll put you down but they SURE wont make you a part of the more skilled, more respected crews. That's why there's EP...KBT is nothing but a reject recruiting group. THey'll take all the leftovers.. And either way, so what if all them crews are connected? WHat's your fucking point you INBRED? IT still dont change the fact that YOUR ALL FUCKING IDIOT? I think when you say "TOY" it just makes you feel REEAALLY COOL huh? Toy this..Toy that..NIGGA if you saw my shit you'd feel like the FUcking TOY. I hope yall change your ways. For your sake. I live my life and I feel good bout where I'm going. Matter of fact, I'll pray for everybody.

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