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walmarts and g2's

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ok, so iwas looking on bombingscience at some caps and it said that the german outline 2's fit on walmart cans. i needed a couple tips so i just got a lil mix of ny fats and thins and then german outlines. it didnt specify which germans. got it in the mail, and i find that they sent me german 2's(gray w/ black dots). pretty pumped, i reach for a classic "color place' blue $.99 walmart can and find it doesnt fit.


i emailed bombing science and talked to one of the guys to see if they miss labeled shit on the site or what was up. the guy felt like arguing and saying that i had the german outline 1's when on the site it is pretty clear that i have the g2's because of the difference in color. His argument is that the g1's are gray and black, and the g2's are pale and black, either way its really their fault by having it miss labeled/ taking crapy pictures.


BUT, i was wondering if anyone had some insite to this. whether i have my colors mixed up or if the guy is a cunt.

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