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what the fuck is up


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Just check in with 12 ounce.


I've been drinking less, lost 10 pounds, broke op with my girl, had a girl fall in love with me.


What the fuck is up fellas?


PMB, Mammski and the greek feller.


Lately i been playing poker and faxing my resume to anyone and everyone.


I've always loved the people on this message board, so i hope you guys aren't mad at me for spilling my feelings.


I left my fucking ipod in my buddys car so now i have no music to listen to.


i'm all about bloc party but on NYE i went to roseland and saw JP.

I still have fucking shell scock.


I did a tango with some blonde but fugg it.






this girl looks like a tranny, but she is hot in person.

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Guest imported_Tesseract

Yeah man, word!

Good to see you back and hear you well.

The girl you posted doesnt look like a tranny, looks superhot already to me.

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screw you my life sucks i want to be the wetblanket on this thread...


I quit my band...


I got possesion of alcohol as a minor which in CT is automatic 5 month suspension of your license...


non of my friends live anywhere near me since they all go to school and i stay at home working full time...


my girlfriend broke up with me so she could go visit her ex in san diego guilt free because he is going to iraq...


i cant play drums anymore because where i live is too small...


i cant drive so i cant sign up for school till march...


the only thing that gets me out of my house is my job...


but i have all my music so i guess thats good...


kill me slice me hang me stab me i am depressed until march 26


72 days 22 hours 7 mins from right now

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all the chicks on this tv show, Lost, are fucking hot.


ex-con white chick. ridiculously perfect hot mixed with cute for super hotness.


barbie lookin white chick. just a general all around hotness.


korean chick. mad cute and highly do-able. she looks weird and ugly when she cries tho. but good smile. so just need to keep her happy.


fast and furious chick. shes gotta be an amazing fuck.


i seen some more busted girls in the background, but they're in the background.


oh fuck. i forgot the pregnant austraiian. i'd do her right up until the day she delivers.


and i havent seen any underarm hair.


bitches are hot and shaved.


hot, shaved, and LOST.



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my lifes shit right now too.


job sucks

wisdom teeth holes cause pain

going to dentist again today for checkup

girl is messed in the head... so time to waist time on a new one


finally orgranzing my life though... so i don't go into a depression loop and off myself :p

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

Yo yo niggario. My life at the moment is pretty fucking amazing. Good to hear it's the same on your side.


I third the motion of more tranny pictures. No, wait.

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