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You Have Bad Taste In Music.


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And who cares, that guy is such a fucking chud, why doesnt he go to fucking iraq and die.

The most productive thing he can do with his life is go and stand outside a nickleback concert telling people they have bad taste in music? I mean, come on. Shooting fish in a fucking barrel.

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"The Internet is the only mainstream medium where complete, free artistic expression exists. In the past it was necessary to partner with a large corporation if you wanted to have a voice sizable enough to be relevant. No longer. The mechanics of the Internet expose television as the antiquated, stagnate medium it is. Nothing exciting happens on television, so they promote "exciting" people. Television has truly become the idiot box. In those olden days, turning off the television was akin to shutting the blinds to the outside world. No wonder those who even suggested the idea were marginalized. Words are nice, visuals are better. But, the TV filter renders everything that passes through into bullshit. That's why viral videos (and bunny rabbit killing sites) have established a niche so easily on the net. There's obviously an audience for entertainment without rules."


and that's the god damned truth.

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