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NAh, Im gonna pick up the game....but as for the movie...


It'll be like the Matrix and the Star wars....That shit was good because it was old and shit, already had a lot of fans...but now they went out and made wack movies and they lost a shit load of fans. Marc Ecko is kinda cool and kinda lame....all the fucking shirts and shit he makes...he's selling out the "street" culture...fucking shirts with graffiti shit on them...those are for toys who want to be "cool", almost all of his shirts in one way or another try and make the streets 'accesible' or worse yet, turn them into an accesory. Yeah I wear hoodies and baggy jeans but Im not terring to be cool or anything, Its just what I like to wear...Marc Ecko is exploiting the streets to his own gain...if getting up (the game) is wack...I will never forgive him...if some toy ass goes over any of my shit...hell, if I even ever see someone writing "Ecko" or "Marc" or "Trane" or any other graffiti name that appears in that game...I will beat the shit out of them and steal their paint for being such a mainstream writer. We need to remember where our roots are at...New York...70's and 80's....never forget...Its not about doing graff and looking cool as fuck with your faggot ass marc ecko shirt, pants, and hoodie...its about doing graff.


-from aurora,


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ugh, graf will get just as fucking retarded as skateboarding did when tony hawk's game came out.


oh wow, a fucking lucrative commercial movie and video game deal about "fighting the system". you are a fucking retard marc, the media is the message.


dont bother etching the ecko offices, but next time you see marc, punch him in the face for me.

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that shit is fucked up, i just img searched on google, there are tons of writers whose shit is being bitten, there is a COOL throwup in one screenshot that looks exactly like COLT 45.


what a fucking chump, so is he giong to use his profits to start a legal advocacy group for writers that are caught? or campaign against draconian anti-graffiti laws? or just live like a fatcat and forget about the culture that he sold out.

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why dont they just make a video game dedicated to buttsex and panhandling?


and besides, i dont think writers have to worry much. i mean more than half the turkeys who "skateboard" due to the tony hawk craze are hardly skateboarders. yeah they got the birdhouse deck and pacsun threads, but they arent your hard hitters. and graffiti is a fucking crime, and anyone who is herb enough to do something because they saw it in a video game is a pussy. so a lot of these kids probably wont actually go out and paint shit. it'll be probably be the "yeah i write because i draw arrows on my math book" type shit. and for the rest of them, they are bound to get their cards pulled.

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