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Ecko's Graffiti Game To Be Sprayed Across Silver Screens


Designer signs deal with MTV Films for 'Getting Up.'


Marc Ecko's "Getting Up"


Photo: Atari, Inc.


His first video game may have missed its intended holiday-season release date, but fashion impresario Marc Ecko has new reason to be excited about his interactive graffiti opus "Getting Up."


MTV Films announced Thursday (December 8) that it has acquired the feature-film rights to Ecko's game and that Ecko will serve as a producer. No cast, crew or release dates are set yet for what will be MTV Films' first foray into the sometimes-treacherous waters of video-game-based movies.


The film division's slate has included "Jackass: The Movie," "The Longest Yard," "Hustle & Flow" and "Napoleon Dynamite." Now it will face the challenge of trying to succeed with video games where previous companies adapting games from "Street Fighter" to "Doom" have struggled creatively and commercially.


The game tells the story of Trane, an aspiring graffiti artist who learns the notorious street art and slowly gains the political consciousness to use it to fight the oppressive authorities of his city, New Radius. In the game, Trane is voiced by Talib Kweli. Diddy, Adam West and Rosario Dawson are also among the game's deep list of celebrity voice talent (see "P. Diddy Flips Out, RZA Promotes Graffiti In 'Getting' Game").


Earlier this summer Ecko told MTV News that "Getting Up" has been percolating in his mind since the mid-'90s when he wrote the script for a planned graffiti-adventure trilogy. At the time, he said, he was $6 million in debt (see "Designer Marc Ecko Says Graffiti Game Mixes 'Star Wars,' 'Style Wars' ").


The video game version, which is being developed by the Collective, is expected to hit stores in February for PS2, Xbox and PC. It has drawn fire from critics, including New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who see it as the glorification of an illegal activity.


This summer, Ecko already had a defense ready for his critics: "I'm not condoning you go out and ruin property," he said. "That's not what this is about. Any cynic that's going to try to just hate on it for that reason needs to dig just three inches deeper and understand the story, immerse yourself in the story and learn about Trane and where his head is really at. He's just trying to flip the script on the system."


— Stephen Totilo




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Ehhh I can see this going two ways. Good commercial graff movie, blowing up scenes in towns, bringing more people to the scene.



2. Spins off thousands of fucking morons lookin to be a King graff tag bomber, and making shit REAL hot for the rest of us.

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my my. this is going to be just like fast and furious with street racing. things are only going to get hotter my friends. no matter where u paint. also, there will be a CRAP LOAD of toys coming into the scene as someone mentioned before. probably the ones that only go with sharpies. if they get a hold of spray paint, it ain't gonna be good and will ruin everything. i am gonna be so pissed if i see a TRANE tag on the streets. Even though cops probably know most of the things about graffiti, this is just going to make it hotter to go out at night.

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Originally posted by Mr. ABC+Jan 9 2006, 06:38 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Mr. ABC - Jan 9 2006, 06:38 PM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-__DIPIIRY__@Jan 10 2006, 12:39 PM

i am gonna be so pissed if i see a TRANE tag on the streets.


uuuhhh.....there's a trane that's been killing it in france for years



oh shit, my bad. well i wouldnt be visiting france anytime soon. it's in my area of which i was talking about when i said "on the streets." but nontheless, sorry bout that.

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Yeah anyone seen some of the adds for this game with the fake German Montana cans showing in them... Jesus, any other brand would have been better.. Way to go on the research Ecko/Atari..


I hope the graffiti gameplay is better then the Graffiti you can do in the "Warriors" game. That shit was wack, the rest was cool.

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this is a bad thing to do.....but im still going to see it to see how he made us graffers(since he would probably call us that)look and see if he did it right............



why a movie as in a movie in theaters why cant he be like everyone else and make a short hardcore illegal bombing movie?

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Guest Abc Eater

I hope someone finds out the headquarters adress, and someone in that are just fucking destroys it, with everything and anything etch, throws, big ass drippy mop tags and all kinds of shit. Like Philly said.

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a million toys are going to be writing "trane" (or whoever the main characters name is) in their city..


i dont know why but the concept of a dope underground culture like this losses its appeal when its bought into mainstream even if to show the illegal side.. is it intented for the main movie theaters? or something a lil more 'underground'..?..

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