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I just wanted to say thank you

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Now, it certainly does not make Symbols' job or any other mods easier when people make any number of retarded threads....


"How do i graff?"


"Help, I dropped my marker...best way to pick it up off the ground?"


"Paint...where do you get it?"


"Rate the piece I drew during third period Algebra!"


But it brings me no end of cheap laughs to read the harping replies to these assinine questions from everyone culminating with a scathing/damning remark from Symbols.


Your intent may be all wrong, the results far from what you hoped for, the mods furious....but bad threads do keep me coming back to the yard much in the same way i slow my car to scope a bad accident on the freeway....you know you shouldn't look but you can never seem to resist.



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exact reason as well...the stupidity of 15 year olds crack me up

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