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Yellow Feets

Google; (In)accurate search engine

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I'm sure everyone at one point came across some strange shit on Google. Like when you type too fast and you mispell a word and something completely random pops up. So yeah, I decided to make a new thread just on that. Google is threadworthy.



So I typed in "YellowFeet" on Google and this image popped up.




And then Google does that thing at the bottom half of the screen and this linked showed up. http://leatheroaks.org/Waders/Colorful2.html


So I clicked on the link and I've been blessed with the following images...












I love life again,


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woah fucky,


am i the only one who is a bit confused by this? do these have a practical application. or is it for the look.

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i typed in dobsilla and it said "did you mean drusilla" because my name had no responses and this is what came up.







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For some reason this pic has an emoticon?



I could post a stack more but we all get the point.

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Guest Sparoism

One day, while goofing off at work and trying out different letter combinations (sounds better than "making up words") I came up with the word "sparo"....flows well, looks nice, I like birds....done and done.


Then, I was fucking around with Babel Fish and thought, "Hmmm...." and typed in "sparo" and tried to see if it translated from another language.


It did. And, boy, was I surprised.


Apparently, "sparo" is a slang term used in southern Italy, and it means "I speak nonsense"....


Or, I'm a shit talker. Perfect! The internet had spoken, and said it was meant to be.


So, today I tried it out on Google and found out there's a Italian rapper from Palermo called S.P.A.R.O....




I think this is him, but it may be some random Italian dude. I don't care, the picture is worth a thousand words. And I don't speak Italian. I may end up there someday, so maybe I should learn. Me and homeboy can kick it since I'm pretty sure we're on the same page, if I read his poster right...




He had a couple mp3's on his site...I'm not sure what I think of them yet, but rhyming in Italian? Wow...



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