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Things that are bothering me:

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1) I can't beat the instructional levels on "Crazy Taxi."


2) What's up with this new shit where one rapper uses another rappers line as a hook after the other song has been out all of a year and a half. It's one thing if the song has been out 5 years or something.


3) Obnoxious females (I tried very hard not to say bitches). Just because you don't have a boyfriend doesn't mean you need to look other people's ex-boyfriends up on myspace so that you can cause drama. "Ohmigod he was flirting with another girl." Fuck you bitch, mind your business. [Edit for language].


4) Women, generally. I have ninety-nine problems and women are EVERY SINGLE ONE. I'm having an IQ test, any woman I date will have a maximum IQ of One hundred and six. I want to be the rich old guy with the dumb hot wife like dude on Greenacres.


5) People who insist that you have to pick them up at the airport. Oh you brought me something? It better be some fucking gas money.


6) Lil Kim.


7) The fact that they're having "average looking" people on MTV now.


8) VH1.


9) The fact that the cleaning people in my apartment building came in without asking broke my table and replaced it with this shitty IKEA joint that is already falling apart.



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recent government policy changes.


people who smoke really close to me.


the heat.

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the fact that it is 5:30 am and i can't sleep despite the mass amounts of ganja i smoked tonight.


my throat infecton, i had planned on using this week to get a lot of recording time in since i'll be starting school again next week, but it looks like i'm fucked atleast till later in the week. everytime i breathe in it feels like there is a massive loogie way in the back of my throat that wont get out.


females and how when you think you finally found a dope one they turn out to be a fucking psycho.

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im pissed off about or hate the following:


being in debt




not making enough money


girls, and the lack there of in my life. or more like lack of one good one in my life thats worth two shits.


being single


bitches with kids / or that smoke


girls who be fucking everyone BUT me


girls you fuck, then take a break from, then wont let you fuck a few months later even though yall still cool / feeling one another.


how i cant get along with others better/easier, i try but i just cant do it.


the fact that i need to move far away to another state but my lack of energy to do so.


tis all for now, bedtime.

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

Being way too fucking early for work cause my car crapped out on New Year's Eve and I had to ask a friend for a ride.

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Originally posted by you enjoy myself@Jan 3 2006, 12:48 PM

yeah vh1 does suck wicked bad these days. a network that is almost completely devoted to the "inside scoop" on how celebrities live their lives and what they name their kids, and washed up celebreties getting back on their feet is a far cry from being "all about the music."





I was just about to say that I hate vh1 due to their devoting every minute of airtime to bullshit like "The Fabulous Life Of....". ITS AN HOUR LONG SHOW TELLING YOU HOW CELEBRITIES GET MONEY FOR DOING NOTHING AND PROCEED TO SPEND IT ALL ON THE MOST WASTEFUL, SELFISH GARBAGE EVER.


Now, I sometimes ask myself "who the fucking hell actually watches this horseshit?".

Then I remember that 98% of the people alive are incredibly stupid and eat crap like that up with a spoon.


Fuck everyone.

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i have a few things annoying the shit out of me.

for one i have court on the 20th. which i decided i'm going to plea no contest.


fuck the law.

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alot of things have been bothering me lately..but mainly being single is my reason for bickering all the time.

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waiting an hour and a half for this file to import.


knowing that I'll be at work late tonight.


all the people who have sent me invitations to join myspace. stop it!

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