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happy new year!

boogy nights

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i thought my NYE was going to be wank but it turned out ok...


heres a brief rundown:


- went to the bar i work at. drank free vodkas and J20's - fucking well nice drink.

- popped by the old club i used to work at and chatted to the bouncer for a bit. i got laid off when it shut down for a refit and never got hired back. wankers.

- went to the mexican restaurant two of my housemates work at. free cocktails all night...and i must admit i prefered a pi-nik-olada (yeh i know i spelt it wrong) to a strawberry daquiri.

- counted down the new year with a bowl of nachos in front of of me. tasty.

-drank pints

-went back to said previous employment. was told by bouncer on the door no more people were to be let in. we laughed at him and got the head bouncer to let us in (i know him from when i worked there) - on the condition we didnt "take the piss and stay for long". free entry and drinks ment we left two hours later.

- painted.


i have absolutly no idea why i bothered to type this out ay 5 to 7 in the morning.


i cant believe its still dark outside.

over and out.

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Got wasted, still wasted/flying.....its 9:23am here......might just carry on getting wasted, deal with my comedown......


Its just another shite sunday, no paint, or fuck all else to do......


going to have a wickerd hangover monday....fuck it deal with it tommrow.....


hope to be up more this year, did'nt do shit really last year, slacking in my old age.......


hope peeps have a good year



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some power trippin cops started throwing my boy around for doing nothing....faggots


some weird ass drunk white dude followed us for 5 blocks before we told him to get lost


the main party would not let us in...fuck them


the bus took 1.5 hours to finally arrive


2006 is another year of bullshit

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