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Compression & Moderate Editing Software

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okay i got a new camcorder.sony dvd103

nothing fancy just an average consumer model.

anyways i got it cause the internext & avn is next weekend in vegas.

so i wanted to document the events that unfold that weekend.

i'd probably like to edit some of the non-funny stuff and what not to burn dvd's for the homies. i'd also be interested in a compression feature so i can possibly put it on the web. i'm looking for something easy to use where i could pick it up and get the hang of it within a weekend or a week. i think i had adobe premiere or something back in the day, but cant remember if i understood it or not. oh well. maybe if someone can hook it up with the software i can burn you a dvd of the show.


side note pistol is in the works of possibly producing content for an adult website. looking into sbl's as we speak. haha!


if this cam sucks i'm taking it back to cost co. and returning it for cash. haha cost co return policy rules.

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Guest Sparoism

WinRAR is good for compression, and Vegas is decent for editing. WinRAr seems to work for all compression formats.


There's copies of Vegas out there on .bittorrent and Limewire. Just make sure you get a key. WinRAR is free, Google it and get it from their site...I think it's winrar.com.

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does winrar actually compress mpeg files into smaller mpeg files?

or does it compress the mpegs into another format such as a zip file?


the feature i'm looking for is similar to photoshop where you take a picture from your camera load it up. then "save it for web" where it allows you to shrink the size of the file from 900k to 45k but still maintain the same format. ie jpg stays jpg and mpeg stays mpeg.


hope you can understand. i've been sick and been sippin' on some sizzurp for 2 days now.


ah codeine.

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pistol, long time man,


the best app for this is Sorrenson Squeeze.

You just drop any video file you have into the program,

then set the output format (wmv, rm, mp4, mov, swf, mepg1/2).

You can resize it really easily, and set the bit rate.

It's got a bunch of presets for web sizes like 300k, 500k etc,

or you can set a 'constrained size' where if you tell it to make a

5mb file, it will adjust everything to make it fit that size.


It's not free, but I bet you can find it. Version 3 is the easiest to use, not 4.


for editing,

grab vegas video, adobe premiere or avid xpress.

I think they all have free/trial/limited versions.

If you can rock photoshop, then it's easy to pick up.




give an email if you have any questions (other than 'got a serial)



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Guest Sparoism

Once it's in your comp, winRAR converts it to a .rar or .zip folder, but .rar seems to have the highest compression rate.

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