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Originally posted by yum@Jan 5 2006, 01:50 AM

that statement was so cringeworthy



yeah, man Kabar gets the gas face for that one.


not that I wouldn't split the wig of a dude getting ready to walk on a bus of civilians wearing a suicide belt full of explosives if I had the opportunity. I may be a muslim , but I'm not an idiot. (just fyi) Islam forbids killing innocent people. Especially killing yourself in the process, because In the muslim beleif, If a person commits suicide , he lost everything (not just his life, but his afterlife too) So whoever is telling these guys they are going to get virgins in paradise for blowing themselves up is seriously blowing smoke up their backsides. I do realise the palestinian frustration though, under the Jew oppression , being murdered and disgraced daily. Any one of us would probably start thinking crazy if we watched our mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, fathers, neighbors, uncles, aunts, and grandmothers being ran over by tanks and blown up by mortars on almost a daily basis for over 40 years. I don't know how religious and patient I would be if I were living through that. Thank God for being able to live in safety, because not everyone has that. (or should I thank a tree or something?)

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That picture was from Iraq, not Palestine.


If the Palestinians took a peaceful approach instead of the suicide bomber approach, the type that worked for Ghandi and MLK, they wouldn't be getting retaliation strikes. I think they realize that pictures of dead Arab woman and children killed by the IDF makes great pieces of propaganda, as does blowing up a bus of Jews in Tel Aviv that caused the tanks and "jew oppression" to come in the first place. Its a win win for them.

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Originally posted by symbols@Dec 29 2005, 02:50 PM


i hadn't thought about it like that.


clearly i think though, corporations in general have very little regard for anything except their bottom line. i think that's dangerous.

then you run into the problem of our overly litigious society. and an overreaching govt

not every philosophical problem can be solved with a law.


as far as 50 cals.

we know there are mofos out there that have em in their homes, and are fighting for the right of private citizens to have them

i'm not really talking military use here.



this shit weirds me the FUCK out


"The campaign segregates large caliber rifles, in this case .50 calibers, in the attempt to convince people that the mere size of a cartridge is somehow more prone to criminal misuse or more dangerous than another. Much like the ill conceived thought that a rifle with a pistol grip was somehow more dangerous than another."




the movie that plays when you go to the site is a little freaky

i mean, do these guys have like one inch penises or what?


yes anyone who needs this gun has the smallest cock alive.

there is no reason to own anything like this.

who would you defend against? a tank? if your that paranoid about invaders, check into a mental hospital.


this shit is scarier than a haunted house on acid. that people need to experiance the power of that.


americans and guns.... i just wont ever get it.

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theres not much to say that hasnt been said before but just a note on respect and culture.

in japan swords are considered works of art and used for protection. before any martial arts as in iaidou for example the person must first bow to the sword to show respect, as well as raising it, sheathed. above your head. so much is taught about the respect to the sword that running around like a drunken ninja doesnt cross peoples minds for a second. when the japanese first took up guns alot of respect for weapons a dying in general was lost. a guy that trained a lifetime to master a sword could be blown away by some peasant that bought a gun a few minutes before. eventually all guns were banned. of course this can only work in japan because of its isolated location. but my point is that regardless of which side you stand on people need to learn respect period. respect for the gun and respect for life. american culture seems to be some sort of anti culture where no one respects anything. people just kinda stop at wall mart and pick up a gun and proceed to blow squirrels outta trees. i think some sort of gun class should be required. without stifling peoples right to ownership i think all hardcore gun nuts can agree that people in general need a little help when it comes to common sense in the responsibility department

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Originally posted by Dawood+Jan 6 2006, 04:27 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Dawood - Jan 6 2006, 04:27 AM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-yum@Jan 5 2006, 01:50 AM

that statement was so cringeworthy



yeah, man Kabar gets the gas face for that one.


not that I wouldn't split the wig of a dude getting ready to walk on a bus of civilians wearing a suicide belt full of explosives if I had the opportunity.



thats magazine webbing i beleive.

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I think you guys ought to rethink this one. A quick death is a shitload better than a long, painful, drawn-out death. And also preferable to a life in a wheelchair, shitting in diapers and pissing out of a rubber tube. Having seen a number of both types, I emphatically vote for the quick route. There are few deaths less appealing than a long, painful illness or injury. Cancer has got to be one of the worst, as well as AIDS. Presumably a man in a combat zone wearing a set of AK47 magazine pouches has already made his goodbyes with his family. How he died, who shot him, etc. is not explained with this picture. I can only surmise that he was hit in the head with a machinegun bullet, or perhaps several. Guessing from the mess it made, I'd say it was probably either a 7.62mm NATO round (or something about that size, perhaps a 7.62x39mm round) or several 5.56mm rounds. In any case, he never felt a thing. As messy as this death is, it is far preferable to life as a quadruple amputee, brain-damaged or emasculated. What's the classic Vietnam war movie line? "Bob, you've got to help me. I can't go home like this."


Well, this holy warrior doesn't have to worry about that particular problem.


War is SHIT. It is the penultimate desecration of human beings. (The ultimate desecration being slavery and genocide.) Some things are worth fighting for, and worth risking dying for. And if they are worth dying for, they are worth KILLING for. This picture pretty much sums it all up. "He died with his boots on." How many Americans did he kill, do you suppose?

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